Phil Roberts‏ (@philrob89).

That one broke my heart. Big opportunity missed. Cannot see it getting much better with Exeter on the horizon but positive cap back on we are a different side at home.

JT‏ (@nineandjohn).

Thanks to Flood’s experience, they won. We struggled after Singleton went off and unfortunately young Miller lost more line outs than he won. Could have been a bigger defeat! But generally we were poor. Falcons beat us fair and square. We really need to step up a few gears to survive.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

Desperately disappointed to be honest. Another opportunity to push on and we put up no fight whatsoever. Falcons didn't have to get out of third gear all match. Going to need a serious training week in order to stand a chance next weekend.

Lorraine Britt *Lori‏ (@LBrittAuthor).

Ugly, sloppy bit of play. Lineouts were a disaster. Only lucky bit was Wayne Barnes calling back Falcons tries, stopping the score from being even worse.

Worcester Faithful‏ (@WorcsFaithful).

Away form strikes again. The players are mentally weak away from Sixways. No DOR has managed to change that and it is the simple reason as to why we are consistently bottom two.

SCVerralls‏ (@the_Verralls).

Schoolboy errors being made, aimless kicking, amongst a lack of clarity in tactics. Never have I seen a team, with slow ball, pick and go as individuals and crab across the pitch. Pick and go individually only when you have quick ball or spot a gap! Tough watch.

Christopher Daplyn‏ (@ChrisDaplyn).

Why do we always bottle it when we have the chance to progress? Why are we so poor away from home? Why can’t we hold onto our own line-out? Why can’t we convert chances? Why does Hougaard kick the ball away so much? It’s going to be a tough battle to stay up now.

AlexWennen‏ (@WennenAlex).

Worrying as we have Exeter next week. Need a boot up the backside.

Andy Frizzell‏ (@AndrewJFrizzell).

Year after year Worcester struggle. They’ve had head coach after head coach without being able to escape the vortex of the relegation zone. Something is wrong, I don’t see it as a coaching issue, so what is it? They need a solution and fast.

John Blewitt‏ (@JohnBlewitt2).

Another close call for relegation again so disappointing that we can’t cement a place in the Premiership and push on.

Chris Adams‏ (@cp_adams).

I come back to the Premiership Cup semi versus Sarries. If we’d put out a stronger team we might have won and now have a cup final and the winning mentality to drive us on for the rest of the season. Our disregard for the cup over Prem hasn’t worked and now likely to go down without silverware.

Nikki Jamieson‏ (@NikkiJamieson67).

Gutted, it’s going to be a long week of feeling miserable and even longer season worrying again. I normally try to be upbeat and ‘support’ my team, but found that hard to do on Sunday.