Harry‏ (@Harry79643381).

Good game, lots of players had best game of season. Just need to wake up quicker otherwise I think we would have won. Happy with two points. Now onto Bristol.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

At is turned out I was disappointed with the result which is testament to how well we played. Particularly second half. Lance my MOTM. Played brilliantly.

Christopher Daplyn‏ (@ChrisDaplyn).

Much better. Playing the way we know we can. If we’d put as much effort in last weekend then we wouldn’t be in this relegation mess!

worcester wizard‏ (@worcesterwizard).

Duncan Weir is a great player, but looked so much more lively when Jono came on. Maybe Worcester should play like Super Rugby and concentrate on attack, accept we will concede tries but aim to score more.

Geoff Shaw‏ (@gshawisme).

Some big performances and even bigger tackles. Thought Francois Hougaard had best match for a long time and looked really up for it. Two points is a decent return against a good Chiefs side but need to back it up with same again and more next week.

Alex Hill‏ (@Zander1967).

Very proud, kept fighting, scrapping and trying to play. Proud Warrior.

Bees Knees Marketing‏ (@beeskneesmktg).

So close and yet so far! A hard fought contest and an exciting match to watch.

Edd Cantle‏ (@EddCantle).

Why do we leave it late time and time again? A solid second half and if we had nailed a few more kicks we could have walked away with a win but two points is a good result against such a strong team.

JT‏ (@nineandjohn).

Beaten by a better, consistent side. Very frustrating as always. But Penns got his day with record appearance and 400 points, plus two bonus points gives us breathing space but not an easy run in.

Dawley18‏ (@Dawley2012).

Far better display. Gifted Chiefs two tries but great second half.

Wayne Parkins‏ (@waynegeneer).

Pity some of that endeavour was not there last week but kept going until the end which was needed for the fans.

Paul Hopkinson‏ (@PaulHWarrior).

Well we wanted a reaction to last week and we certainly got it! A bit of accuracy was needed in the first half! The introduction of Jono Lance was the catalyst for the comeback. And as usual dear old JP Doyle still does not like us!

David Baker‏ (@DaveBaker99).

Bottle, Bottle, Bottle. First half we allowed Exeter to dictate it by kicking to them. Cordero brought it back with interest. We gave away a very sloppy try at end of first half. In the second half we were a different team. Heem and Mama were immense. Hougaard much better. Lance made a big difference.

Matt Pritchard‏ (@Pritch16).

First half poor, second half brilliant. I'd have taken two points at the start of the day, but with Newcastle and Bristol winning we need to play like this every match or we are for the drop.

If we drop how many contracts, that have been renewed recently, have relegation release clauses?

Stuart Perry.

Well done Chris, thank you for saving the team again. Your never say die spirit is inspirational to us all.

Mark Shaw.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game today, very entertaining. Well done to all the players involved especially Chris. I hope he had a testimonial to feel proud of he deserves it.

John Renshaw.

Much better performance. So frustrating that we couldn’t have played like this last weekend against basement side Newcastle.

Alun Pryce.

Fear for the Warriors especially with Bears and Falcons finding some form lately.