THE man behind a whopping 45-metre long banner backing Worcester City’s Perdiswell stadium plans has urged councillors “to put politics to one side”.

Superfan Richard Eglington, 39, unveiled his latest mammoth effort to highlight the homeless club’s plight at Saturday’s match with Shepshed Dynamo, which read: "Worcester City FC ­— serving the community since 1902. Do the right thing Worcester City Council ­— let us come home."

The club’s supporters’ trust won an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to gain the planning permission for Perdiswell that Worcester City Council waved away against the advice of its officers.

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The proposed site is also owned by the city council and the plans have proved a politically-thorny issue, in the past lacking support from senior figures.

But with the trust, a not-for-profit community benefit society, now having a controlling interest in the club and three directors holding posts on the board of both organisations Eglington believes "the council needs to be seen to be backing Perdiswell".

“It was not a protest as such, it was an initiative to raise the issue and send a message to the council about Perdiswell,” he said.

“The council was clear the club and the trust had to be moving in the same direction. That is now happening.

“The recent changes show things are moving in the right direction so we need the council to back that up and support the move back to Worcester as they promised.”

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It is the latest in a series of banners instigated by Eglington and created with the help of donations from fans.

A series of giant banners — one the width of a basketball court — was unveiled at City’s match against supporter-owned club FC United of Manchester in March 2016 in a bid to heap pressure on council chiefs.

“After the last banner the council met and (Councillor) Marc Bayliss came out on record to say the council was committed to bringing City home, that we would overcome all obstacles to ensure Worcester would play back in the faithful city,” added Eglington.

“It is time to put politics to one side and for City fans to see some action.

"Things have been very quiet from the city council for some time, discussions are ongoing and I appreciate they are confidential but the council needs to be seen to be backing Perdiswell.

“The planning appeal supports the use of the site and this was to raise the profile and get this back on the agenda.”

Eglington revealed the banner, which was “not related to the club or the supporters’ trust”, had been tricky to check over before unfurling.

"When it arrived I tried to roll it out in the house, it went through four rooms and I could still only see half of it," he said.

"I sought input from many City fans over the design and its wording reflects the clear message that the City fans I have spoken to want to send to the council. The club suffering at the hands of local politics has got to stop.

"It's time for the council to do what is right for the city and the people of Worcester and bring its football club home."