LYE Town manager Andy Wyton claims an altercation involving supporters at Saturday’s game with Worcester City was caused by “mindless idiots” shouting “paedophile” at one of his staff and “abusing” a pregnant woman.

A skirmish broke out at the end of City’s 2-1 defeat at Stourbridge Road with one of three crowd members allegedly involved later apologising according to Wyton.

The Lye boss said the fracas was soon ended without police involvement and that City had since been in touch to confirm a supporter had been banned for the rest of this season.

“There were some obscenities shouted, paedophile and stuff like that. Their lads had had a few beers and it just escalated from there,” explained Wyton.

“There was an altercation between three of their supporters and one of our staff. It soon got broken up and the coming together itself was nothing.

“It started out as banter but then it went a bit far. You cannot shout those obscenities at people, they are not going to put up with it. It is rude.

“His girlfriend is heavily pregnant and they started abusing her. He went over to tell them to pack it in, they had a bit of a pop at him. It soon got split up.

“One of the lads involved came over to us afterwards and apologised for what had gone on, explained they had had a drink. These things happen and it was dealt with there and then.

“No police were called to my knowledge and no one came out. I believe everything was sorted in house and that everyone was happy.”

“It has never happened to us before,” added Wyton.

“I think some people think they can get away with things a bit more with it (City) being a bigger club.

“Between the two clubs everything was fine. I know Snapper and Ash (John Snape and Ashley Vincent, City’s manager and assistant manager), we get on really well and even Snapper apologised but I told him not to worry. It was not his fault, just some mindless idiots who had a few beers and thought it was okay to shout obscenities.

“I am glad it did not escalate into anything bigger because that would have been bad for both clubs. Everything was fine after that.

“As a club we dealt with it in house and in the right way. Hopefully everything is alright between everybody, as far as I am aware it is. The last thing we want is for either club to get into any trouble over it, especially as we haven’t done anything wrong.”

City chairman Steve Goode said the club had “dealt with it” but declined to comment further or to confirm or deny whether any bans had been issued.