DIRECTOR of rugby Adam Drew expects Whitchurch player Jack Furnivall to receive a “fairly lengthy ban” after allegedly kicking Droitwich prop Ben Smith in the back of the head.

Number eight Furnivall was sent off in the closing moments of the season-ending Midlands One West clash at the Glyn Mitchell Memorial Ground on Saturday.

Drew reckoned Furnivall’s team-mates were “horrified” by the incident which caused “uproar” with some spectators running onto the pitch to “defuse” a ruckus before the referee called a halt to proceedings with Droitwich trailing 28-7.

The Droitwich boss said Smith was “fine” and hoped Furnivall would be given a suspension by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

“We were putting them under pressure and I think there was a ruck,” Drew recalled.

“Then all of a sudden there was a breakaway, (Ben) tackled one of their lads and then their number eight came in and just kicked him in the back of the head.

“It was like handbags at dawn and bearing in mind it was mostly Whitchurch’s crowd on that particular side there was uproar.

“The ref soon got over to defuse the situation.

“There was no need for it and I would imagine that he would get a fairly lengthy ban for it.”

Drew added: “He didn’t even try to disguise the kick so a couple of people ran on and the players as well to defuse it.

“I genuinely believe Whitchurch’s players were horrified as well.

“They tried to get him away. I think he was a very lonely chap at that particular point because he not only let himself down but he let his own team down around him.

“Ben is fine. Nobody will tolerate being stamped or kicked so thankfully the ref saw it, dealt with it immediately and the player was escorted off the pitch and went home.”

Drew said the referee was “right” to bring the match to a premature end and admitted that many of Whitchurch’s players apologised afterwards.

“A few of the parents on the sidelines got on the pitch so it was an ugly scene for about 30 to 40 seconds and then it defused,” Drew said.

“As there were only three or four minutes left the ref pulled the plug on it which was the right thing to do.

“There was no animosity after the game as it’s rugby at the end of the day.”

Drew said Smith’s father was upset by the incident but agreed to let Whitchurch and the North Midlands RFU deal with the situation.

“I can’t condone what happened but you surely don’t want the police involved,” Drew added.

“It is rugby and the player will be dealt with.

“Had there been an injury then maybe it would be a different kettle of fish.

“But there was no injury to Ben so at the end of the day we will just leave it now and the player will be punished.”

Whitchurch head coach Scott Sturdy said he was unable to comment on the incident as he was not present at the game.

But he said the club were awaiting "a few statements to come in" on what happened and were in contact with North Midlands RFU's disciplinary department.

Peter Jordan, disciplinary secretary for North Midlands RFU, said they would deal with the red-card incident but added: “I have no idea of any repercussions.”