EX-EVESHAM United manager Paul Collicutt says a focus on Stratford Town will aid his adjustment to the new role of head of football operations.

Collicutt, sacked as Robins boss after five-and-a-half seasons in charge this summer, has accepted an invite from Stratford director and ex-Worcester Warriors co-owner Jed McCrory to work with new manager Tommy Wright.

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The 60-year-old previously had a successful stint in charge of Bishop’s Cleeve and admitted the transition to his new post would take time and patience.

“It is going to take time for Tommy to get to know me and vice versa but it is more than that, it is about taking care of the first team and helping Tommy as best I can,” said Collicutt.

“I would like to think I could learn from him as much as he could learn from me.

“Being a manager can put you in a very lonely place and that’s when having someone there to share the load can be a big help.

“I am there to get to know everyone within the club and if I can help here, there or anywhere then that’s what I’ll do.

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“We are not just talking about the first team, it will involve getting to know about FC Stratford, the academy and youth teams in the set-up.

“The bigger picture is to get involved with the club overall and give help and advice wherever I can.

“I am there to bounce ideas off. During the season you have highs and lows and that is where I would like to think I could give advice.

“It is like anything, we won’t know until the end of the season whether it has been a good or bad thing but if I can make the club stronger then that’s the aim.

“It is a new role for me. I have always been very hands on, that’s the way I am.

“I have had offers from different clubs over the years to go in as a director of football but this is a challenge for me and all I want to do is be there to help in whatever capacity. Only time will tell.

“Tommy is the one that has the final say, I will be there and if he wants my advice I am there. It is a new relationship for him as much as it is for me.”

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Alongside supporting the club as a boy, another factor in Collicutt’s decision was McCrory’s passion.

“Football is in your DNA. I have always been passionate as a player and a manager and Jed brings an enthusiasm I haven’t witnessed for quite a while,” added Collicutt.

“It has probably given me a pick-me-up after what I have been through over the past couple of months. One door closes, another one opens.

“Jed has a very infectious personality and there is a lot of great things he wants to do with the club. They will take time but his outlook is positive.

“He has quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to academies and things like that, he knows how to set them up and gets approached for guidance about how he does things.

“The biggest attraction for me was Jed explaining the way he wants Stratford Town to be and if the club can do half of what he wants it to it will be in a very healthy position.

“Another thing for me is the fact it is my hometown – that’s the part that makes you jump in the car and travel over.

“I was quite happy doing the 12 years I did at (Bishop’s) Cleeve and the five-and-a-half years I spent at Evesham. During that time I was a very short distance from home.

“Stratford Town was the first team I supported as a kid, when I was six or seven I would jump on a pushbike and go down to the ground at Masons Road.

“They have always been in my head from a very early age and it would be nice to play a part in pushing the club along a bit.”