NEW signing Aaron Birch had the X-Factor at Worcester City’s first pre-season meet up but sports therapist Shannon Kincade's Spice Girls number left her as a wannabe.

The ballot to decide who would belt out the songs at the gathering was not limited to the uninitiated with all players and staff entering the hat.

Kincade had the job of pulling out the lucky – or perhaps unlucky – trio and somewhat inevitably drew out her own name alongside that of Birch and goalkeeper Dan Jezeph.

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Manager Ashley Vincent said he had been pleased with how the fun had aided pre-season bonding but admitted to being left singing the blues by Kincade’s lack of vocal talent.

“It was not exclusive to new players, everyone was in including the staff and the new physio Shan pulled out Dan Jezeph and herself,” said Vincent.

“With a little bit of a nudge she was happy to get up there and sing and there were a couple of others, including Aaron Birch from the new boys.

“I want them to be comfortable with each other. I don’t want any us-and-them cliques, if one dips their foot in the water then we all do. I know I need to create that and be a part of that too.

“Birchy was the best singer by far. It was something I had heard before back from his younger days, it was very quirky and to be fair he has a bit about him.

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“Shan was by far the worst. She sang a Spice Girls song from way back, probably before she was born. It made me feel a little older because I knew it but she also sang it really badly!

“It was great to have good numbers there, we had three or four on holiday which I already knew about but that was the best opportunity before pre-season.

“All but one of the new faces was there so the lads got a feel for what they are about.

“It was about letting everyone know this is what we have, that we are not counting on anyone else or looking outside the club.

“We need to get to know each other pretty quickly because we want to hit the ground running.”

Pre-season training started on Tuesday with Vincent happy with his current squad while monitoring other targets.

“There will be a couple of lads in for pre-season to assess their fitness more than anything else, we know what they are like as players,” he added.

“We will be seeing what comes out of other places over pre-season which always happens, seeing what is available more than chasing at this stage.

“That’s not being lazy, it is just those we have an eye on have interest from higher levels. It is seeing where they are over the next few weeks.”