CHAIRMAN Neil Chambers said Darlaston Town had been cleared of two charges relating to incidents that saw a Worcester Raiders supporter banned from football for seven years.

Darlo filed complaints with the Football Association (FA) over “numerous incidents” of alleged “violence, racist and abusive comments” in the aftermath of a 1-1 draw with Raiders at Claines Lane on February 23.

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Counter claims were submitted by Raiders following a social media storm in which players and management became embroiled in firing allegations at one another on Twitter.

Chambers said “video and some photographic evidence” had been submitted as part of his club's complaint with the matter finally dealt with last week by an FA Disciplinary Commission.

Jason Gormley, involved with Raiders until pre-season 2018 and the brother of manager Karl Gormley, confirmed he had been banned from all football activity for seven years.

He had attended the match as a supporter and was not directly affiliated to Raiders at the time. He has since told Worcester News he is considering an appeal.

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The club was fined £515, while defender George Corbett was banned for three matches but he plans to appeal.

The Worcestershire FA’s suspension portal also lists Darren Campbell being as banned for 10 matches under the Raiders name but chairman Kevin Jenkins said he had no link to the club.

Jenkins believes Jason Gormley and Campbell will be prevented by from attending Raiders home matches by the county association, the site managers of Claines Lane, but says the club will apply its own ban either way.

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Chambers said he had not been aware of the punishments but that his club had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

"There were two counter allegations made against us, one was failure to control our players and the other was against a specific player who I won't name," said Chambers.

"We attended a hearing, both were found not proven so there was no penalty against us.

“There was an incident, we had video and some photographic evidence as part of our complaint. It was then down to the county FAs to do whatever they chose to.

“I have no idea about what happened to the people involved or Worcester Raiders.

“Our cases were found not proven so as far as we are concerned the matter is concluded, the season is over and we are now preparing for the new season.”

Chambers declined to comment when asked about the nature of the incidents.

Representatives of Worcestershire FA and Birmingham FA and a member of the national FA’s press office said they would be unable to comment with the period for appeals yet to expire.

West Mercia Police said there had been no record of the incidents being brought to their attention.