WORCESTER City has lodged a complaint claiming full-back Adam Osbourne was racially abused during today’s 4-3 defeat at Newark Flowserve.

An unidentified City player reported the allegations after hearing remarks directed at the former Wolves youngster by a member of the crowd during the first half.

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Club officials became aware when match referee Harley McKittrick informed them of the report at full-time.

Highwaymen chairman Gary Clarke, who found out at the same time, vowed to study match footage in an attempt to identify the culprit.

Osbourne and manager Ashley Vincent declined to comment on the matter.

City chairman Steve Goode said: “I had not been aware of it until full-time when I was told we had reported it to the referee and action will be taken.

“We have spoken to their chairman who apologised and he will most probably write to us if he can find out who said it.

“Unfortunately there was a group of people shouting throughout the match and I think it will be quite difficult to pinpoint the one culprit.

“It should not happen at football or anywhere else for that matter. I am sure if the person is found that Newark will ban them and if something develops we will let people know.

“It is a shame he (Osbourne) didn’t stop the game and get the referee involved when it happened but he was professional, chose to play on and try to ignore it which he deserves great credit for.

“People get overexcited at matches and unfortunately, I think players get used to it but they shouldn’t have to.

“It is not acceptable and if it happened at Worcester City the culprit would have a lifetime ban.”

Clarke added: “We have been informed that language we would never condone got used and that it was of a racial nature.

“We don’t like it at all, in fact we hate it and we will be looking into what happened.

“There is a guy here who films the games so we will be asking for his footage to see whether we can identify the individual that did it so we can take appropriate action.

“If the individual can be identified then we will look at banning them from games, it is as simple as that.

“There is no place for racism anywhere.”