WORCESTERSHIRE spinner Ben Twohig is stepping up his rehab programme after suffering an anterior cruciate ligament tear at the start of the season.

Twohig has bowled his first deliveries in the Blackfinch New Road nets, albeit it off a couple of paces, since sustaining the setback four months ago.

He underwent surgery in mid-April and has been rehabbing with the aim of being ready for pre-season training in 2020. Head of sports science and medicine, Ben Davies said: “Ben went for tests to measure his strength in his left leg compared to his right. He had some really good results and feedback from that.

“He’s onto the next stage of rehab now where he is doing landing mechanics and single leg hopping and jumping in the gym.

“He’s also able now to do some front foot shots and some bowling as well, only off a couple of paces, but it was about just trying to give him some cricket again.

“Ben is on course with his rehab in general.

“It will still be a push for him to play before the end of the season but I think it means going forward he will be able to go away this winter to get some cricket.

“He has done really well.”