COUNCILLOR Louis Stephen revealed plans to form a cross-party coalition to bring home Worcester City Football Club after reiterating his opposition to plans for Perdiswell.

The leader of the Green Party in Worcester has been the subject of fierce social media criticism from fans with the Bring City Home Twitter feed creating pressure to secure a stadium on the site after more than six years in exile.

Worcester City Supporters’ Trust has planning permission for a 4,400-capacity stadium at Perdiswell having successfully overturned Worcester City Council’s decision to reject the proposal.

Gaining access to the city council-owned land has proved another matter, though, with Cllr Stephen steadfastly supporting residents opposed to the development on their doorsteps.

Trust chairman and club director Dave Wood admitted there remained “no will” from councillors to support a land transfer or lease earlier this month and claimed that call had been made on “political” grounds.

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Cllr Stephen said: “People say we are against the club coming back to Worcester, no we are not.

“What we are trying to do – and I have been discussing this over a period of weeks – is create cross-party support, a group to find sites and work with the club.

“I think we all accept there is a problem, it is not going away and needs to be sorted. That is an initiative I am pushing and I think I am being successful with it.

“The other leaders and managing director (of Worcester City Council) agree it is a problem. They have agreed to meet and as I understand it invitations will be sent out shortly to the club.

“This should not be political, one group against another, it should be about trying to find what is best for the club, best for Worcester and a solution that everyone can be happy with.”

Worcester Green Party’s Twitter feed, run by Councillor Marjory Bisset, had already been drawn into the debate with fans, one of whom has filed a complaint against Cllr Stephen that “also extend(s)” to Cllr Bisset and Cllr Neil Laurenson.

The Green Party confirmed it would be reviewed to decide whether it should progress to a disciplinary committee investigation.

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Cllr Stephen said he had not been made aware of the complaint, adding: “It would be great if everyone loved you the whole time but that is not going to happen.

“When you are trying to protect one group of people it is inevitable you are going to anger and upset another.

“There is never an easy answer. Being honest I don’t like it, this is not comfortable and I am genuinely trying to find a way forward so it is not just the Labour Party that supports the football club.

“It is not an easy position to be in but we will stick to our guns having stated our support for local residents. We intend to continue with that.”