CHAIRMAN Steve Goode has joined irate fans in putting more pressure on under-fire councillors over Worcester City’s homecoming.

The City chief took to the club's official YouTube channel to issue a rallying cry to the people of Worcester to get behind the momentum created by supporters calling for a stadium at Perdiswell.

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In a film has been viewed by more than 13,000 people in less than 48 hours, Goode cited “protestors and council interference” as barriers to attempts to find a new home over the past 20 years.

More than six of those have been spent in exile with Goode asking: “Will any site ever be suitable for this council?”

Infrastructure requirements that have not accompanied future developments at Nunnery Way and Claines Lane were ran through, while it was claimed the Old Porcelain Ground on Droitwich Road, a plot extended by the city council purchasing neighbouring land to enable a £2.9million hockey facility, had been “declared unsuitable for Worcester City” in the past.

Goode went on to say “incredible” allegations had been made by councillors that Perdiswell would cover all six pitches currently marked out and that those in power "who have been saying this should be accountable”.

He explained the movement was part of a push to get people backing City’s venture and encourage residents to complete the council’s online consultation over what should happen to Perdiswell Park, which closes tomorrow (Friday).

Council's Perdiswell survey 

“This has been going on for a long time and we are running out of time, everyone knows that,” said Goode.

“Do Worcester City Council want us to come back? If they do we need to get things moving.

“It is time for anyone with any interest in Worcester City to have their say, this is the chance to get your point across.

“This would be a community facility for Worcester, the football club would use it of course but only about 10 per cent of the time. Other organisations would use it for the rest, it would only be good for the city.

“Some people say it is not the right place. We have proved it is the only place that suits the plan, and that has been proved by planners.

“We want people who have an interest in Worcester City to make a comment, to like and share things on social media and get behind the club.

“Share your opinions, get in touch with your local councillor. We want people to remember we do still exist and that we are doing our best.

“This isn’t just about Worcester City Football Club, it is about a community venture that will benefit many more people than just football fans.

“The phone calls and emails I am receiving, while there have been some negative comments, have been supportive.”

Goode’s message comes on the back of fans and Worcester City Supporters’ Trust directors leading online protests.

That pressure followed trust chairman Dave Wood revealing members would be consulted on alternatives due to there being “no will” for Perdiswell among councillors but Goode said City could ill afford to wave the white flag.

“The (trust) meeting will still happen but nothing is set in concrete with any option so we have to keep fighting for Perdiswell," Goode added.

"Other things might come along in due course but if we stopped now we would never get anywhere.

“We have to keep pushing for what the average football fan and the residents of Worcester want, which is to bring the club back to the city.

“This is one of the options we have. There might be others but we cannot depend on anything, history tells us that and with the planning permission in place we have to do everything we can to deliver for the club and the city.

“In the past we have been promised things only to be told it won’t happen and you end up starting again."