CHAIRMAN Steve Goode has invited Councillor Louis Stephen to Worcester City’s match at Boldmere in November in a bid to stop “wasting time” over stadium proposals.

Subject to the progress of either club in the FA Vase, City head to the Trevor Brown Memorial Ground on Saturday, November 30 with Goode seeking to clarify what Perdiswell could look like.

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It comes on the back of Cllr Stephen suggesting a cross-party alliance to find an alternative site for a “smaller scheme”, something that has promoted a huge backlash from fans and Worcester City Supporters’ Trust board members who say that has all been done before.

“I would love Louis to come along to Boldmere,” said Goode.

“I will happily take him in my car to the game, he can be my guest for the day and see what we are talking about as a small stadium.

“Boldmere’s ground, the clubhouse, everything, is roughly what we are looking at.

“At the same time he can speak to some of the loyal fans who follow City home and away and hear some of their opinions.”

Asked about Cllr Stephen’s comments, Good said: “It is okay for Louis to say ‘we will have a meeting, we will talk about it’, in my opinion that is wasting time.

“Whatever needs to be done has to take place now. This will not go away.”

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Goode went on to reveal he had canvassed residents in the area near to the proposed stadium site that the trust has planning permission for following a successful appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Cllr Louis said from people “who mentioned the football club” during doorstep rounds, 90 residents were against and 39 for the stadium.

“When I walked around Perdiswell and knocked on doors there were people who didn’t want it, mainly due to traffic issues, but many did not have a problem,” said Goode.

“At one house there was a lady who didn’t want it and her husband did. It was quite a good example of what we are talking about.

“When we explained what we have planned and showed her on an iPad she was quite surprised by how small it would be.

“Other people who are not fans of football don’t have issues, they like walking their dogs but we explained there would still be plenty of room for that they had no objections.

“The main feeling I got from the area was that people don’t have the issues that have been made out.

“Louis has a job to do. He wants a seat, when he has gone round there have been a few people who do want it and a few who don’t but when you look at the numbers, they don’t add up.

“If you have 90 people in an area with so many people living there, that is a ridiculous amount to turn down what we are trying to get done.”