Phil Roberts (@philrob89).

Can't believe I had to sit in my least favourite stadium and endure that kind of game. Disappointed in what I know can be a very good team on our day.

Rhys Smith (@RhysBigGunSmith).

Awful score, we struggled in all departments and never looked like a threat. Still believe in this side! Just a bad day at the office. A really bad day.

Anthony Butterworth (@rugby_dad_146).

So much for some consistency and top performances to help kick-start the GP season. Four weak performances so far, even against Tigers. If we finish anywhere above 12th I will be shocked based on facts so far. Just not good enough – again!

AJ Bailey ™ (@ajbails).

Unbelievable to think the club want to be top six. Are they mad? This team needs freshening up massively because it’s the same year in, year out. Bad lineout and knock’s boring!! Change the record! Our “kids” are better than the experienced lads. Hope Solly got his answers!

AlexWennen (@WennenAlex).

Poor by the sounds of it. Not feeling good for the start of the season currently.

JT (@nineandjohn).

Looked like a good side on paper but just didn’t gel. Now need to up our game with the main competition starting next weekend. Let’s get a big support at Sixways for Tigers match.

Christopher Daplyn (@ChrisDaplyn).

It’s going to be another long, hard season.

#RugbyWorcs (@RugbyWorcs).

Sounded pretty poor. Need a BIG reaction next week as we must hit the ground running this season.

Doug (@Dowapr).

Groundhog Day.

Ian (@ian19897939).

Let’s see what the GP first block brings…hopefully some better results than so far.