#RugbyWorcs (@RugbyWorcs).

Very frustrating. Played really well in the first 50 then capitulation. Got to be better than that for the rest of the season. Away day blues continue, it appears.

Ian (@ianrugbyfan).

We’ve won one and lost one... what’s going to become this season's habit? We’re a real Jekyll and Hyde side, soon be 'let’s see which Worcester team turn up'. Perhaps we should sign some French players??

AJ Bailey ™ (@ajbails).

Watched 10 more minutes of the second half and turned it off. Didn’t want to wreck the high I’m on after England’s unbelievable win.

AlexWennen (@WennenAlex).

Again way form seems to be poor, just need to be better overall. Just need to beat Exeter now! Seems Saints did get away with a few lucky areas though!

Sixways Gold & Blue (@SixwaysGnB).

Three tries in six minutes says it all - complete switch off and lack of focus. Not good enough anymore in what is Solly’s third season and the owners’ second. Swing the axe for Exeter - Lawrence, Ventor, Howe, Owen, Cutting, Clegg, Mudariki, Shillcock, Dodd et al to start.

Alex Cale (@alex_cale).

Consistency is the key to success we were told by Solly. We're still waiting....

Christopher Daplyn (@ChrisDaplyn).

So poor after such a promising start. We really need to sort out these away day blues soon!

Anthony Butterworth (@rugby_dad_146).

When we switch off, we really do switch off. Solly has a lot of work to do...if he can to get this 100 per cent for 90 per cent of the game method he is after.

Peter Armstrong.

Pretty much as expected win at home and follow up with a poor performance and a thrashing away It’s going to be another long season.

Andrew Neale.

Very worrying result considering Saints were missing a lot of first team players.

Stuart Leng. 

Another battering away to Saints. Not unexpected but still very disappointing. All the hype from the players about pushing for top six not matched by their continued inept away performances.

Mark Shaw.

Disappointing, got to pick up points away from home.

Nick Mann.

Painful to watch, turned off after 70 minutes.