Alex Cale (@alex_cale).

Moment of madness gave the platform for Exeter to do what they do well and they converted their chance. Gutting as the effort put in by everyone was fantastic. If we can maintain that level for every game without the mistakes we will be in the mix at the end of the season.

Geoff Shaw (@gshawisme).

Three points thrown away with a couple of stupid errors. Pennell, Lewis and DuPreez all immense and we should’ve won that.

Phil Roberts (@philrob89).

We didn't lose that. We threw it away. Anyone blaming the ref needs to watch it again and check their understanding of the game.

JT (@nineandjohn).

We've had much worse referees. But confused over Chiefs last try after appearing to have an advantage. But suspect it was reversed by another ill-disciplined display. Brilliant defence though. Now move on.

Paul Hopkinson (@PaulHWarrior).

Well we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Game management for the first 70 minutes was good, but the we had a brain fade for the last 10! Anybody know why the ref changed his decision on the last Exeter try?

SCVerralls (@the_Verralls).

Defensively very strong. Realignment and putting pressure on the 12/13 channel was exceptional. Looked much more structured and physical. In attack, we managed to play with the right tempo, but just not in the right areas. Silly indiscipline cost us that game. Period.

Jon Davies (@JonDaviesTewks).

So frustrating! Small things that have a big impact. No advantage gained from diving into a ruck!

Christopher Daplyn (@ChrisDaplyn).

Great first half. Solid defensive display throughout but ill-discipline and some confusing refereeing was our downfall in the end.

Alex Hill (@Zander1967).

I’m sick to death of being reffed out of the game. Yes, stupidity from some of our penalties - Solly can deal with repeat offenders - but offside at a ruck works both ways. Defensively superb, always trying to attack. I just want to play 15 men.

Kelvin Lye (@BorisCabbage57).

One player lost us that game. He should not be selected next week. Total lack of discipline.

Laurence Beard (@lauriebeard).

Confused by the ref again. We deserved to win that.

Sixways Gold & Blue (@SixwaysGnB).

1.Humphrey’s was unreal, 2. Pennell’s catching was brilliant, 3. Back row was great, 4. Kicking out on the full and silly penalties lost us that, 5. Should have won it, 6. Nanai is a unit and defence was great, 7. VERY annoying.

Martyn Pattinson (@Bigchap27).

So disappointing. All of the composure and good stuff of the first half undone with some desperately disappointing lapses in the second. Some promising signs in the first, the new tighthead worked hard but that won’t be enough over the season.

worcester wizard (@worcesterwizard).

Backs looked far sharper (still hate the excessive dummy running of Exeter), defence was good, stupid penalty gave away the game. Time to get tough with the players on discipline, Solomons needs to stop being ‘Mr Nice Guy’.

Laurie Checkley (@Laurie30250352).

Nanai was better and will get it but when him and Ash Beck were running down the wing with an overlap he passed it very early which drew no defenders.

James Tyler (@Tyler_avfc).

Should have won that one. Mindless couple of moments throwing away the game. Minor kicking errors didn’t help but the lack of options to change the game didn’t help having the scrum-half forced to play 80 minutes without an outlet to come on.

AJ Bailey ™ (@ajbails).

Defence was outstanding as was the collective effort. Sadly it’s our discipline that has killed us again. Still a LBP and a lot to look forward to if we can get it right. Not far off but please sort it out, boys! Eighth in the league isn’t too bad, just feel we should be higher.

#RugbyWorcs (@RugbyWorcs).

Can’t be plucky losers forever. Played more than well enough to win that game but an act of utter madness let them back in the game. Words need saying during the review.