SCOPE to progress to Southern League Premier Division level and profit from bar and catering facilities would form part of Worcester City’s potential move to Claines Lane.

Talks over City returning home at the Worcestershire FA-owned site are in their infancy but the club would access grant funding to meet any costs of meeting ground grading requirements to try to move back up two levels – albeit one tier below the National North status surrendered in the summer of 2017.

Fans have concerns City's potential could be stifled or even stopped by such a move with many on social media appearing to prefer a takeover by Warriors owners Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham that would result in relocating to Sixways, if chiefs can rekindle talks.

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“There are costs involved and it has been pretty clear in our negotiations with WFA and Worcester City Council what we need to get our step five grading (current level) and what needs to be done to get to steps four or three,” said Wood.

“All of those things are feasible at Claines Lane, although the matter of planning permission comes into it.

“One of the elements is an area to accommodate 100 fans (for step five) and we can meet those targets but it will carry a cost.

“I am not going to go into those costs but we understand what they are.”

The use of grant funding at Claines Lane would likely prevent City accessing similar streams for their own stadium for a number of years.

“We are taking one step at a time and have to look at the survival of the club first. That’s the most important thing,” said Wood.

“What happens in the future is another thing, we can start planning all sorts but that’s not relevant to me at the moment, the survival of the club is.

“Any businessperson could never give you a totally definitive answer on where any business will be in five or 10 years."

Club chairman Steve Goode added: “The main objective is the survival of the club, we might look at the possibility of other things whichever way we go but at the moment the number-one priority is to save this football club.

“As Dave stated we have two years so things have to start moving.”

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When asked whether Claines Lane would be seen as a long-tern option for City, Wood replied: “People have asked that question. I told them it could be five, 10 or 50 years, we can’t say at this stage, we have to look at it from a business point of view.

“I run a business and have just gone through a new lease, you have to look at it in a pragmatic way and understand what we get from that lease, that kind of thing is the detail we need to follow up on if it goes down that route.”

When asked about facilities, Wood said: “There would be a facility in there for us to do our own catering and run our own bar.”

Current Claines Lane tenants Worcester Raiders have secured funding or put in the work for elements of the delayed redevelopment work which was supposed to be complete by the end of September.

Worcestershire FA has since asked for a £750,000 loan from Worcester City Council to help get the job done, the news emerging five months after Martin Collier – football development manager at the county association and the man working closely with CEO Nichola Trigg on the project – said "the funding streams we anticipated being in place are" and that they were "not the issue" behind delays.

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Speaking before news of the loan request broke, Wood said: “We massively applaud what Raiders have done, they have really got stuck in, secured funding and done a lot of work themselves to get to where they need to be.

“It is such a tragedy that they have had to find somewhere else to play for the time being but there are many reasons why that’s the case, it is not just about the WFA, it is to do with planning, the process of developing a whole new facility.

“I strongly believe the WFA will have this nailed and a successful sporting hub at Claines Lane."

Goode added: “I also applaud what Raiders have done, it is outstanding to see the progress from where they were."

City vice-chairman Colin Layland said: “It is not us and them, people try to make out there are two factions here.”

Wood continued: “We are both Worcester clubs and should support each other.

“I plan to meet with the guys there because we should work together and if it (Claines Lane) becomes the solution we have to work together.”