CORNELL du Preez revealed Michael Fatialofa had been lifted by visits from his Warriors team-mates before calling on the rugby community to keep showing support.

Like many of his colleagues, du Preez headed down to London again this week to see Fatialofa who remains in intensive care following surgery to alleviate "bruising and swelling on his spinal cord" that left him with "reduced power and sensation in his arms and legs".

The injury was sustained during Worcester's match at Saracens on January 4.

There have been a number of positive updates since with Fatialofa's wife Tatiana hailing her husband for continuing to "defy odds" and "wow doctors" ahead of an MRI scan on his spine yesterday.

And while there was no sugar coating the "tough situation" when comrades gathered around Fatialofa's bedside, du Preez detailed how the simple things have been helping.

"It is tough. We are all gutted about what has happened (but) I don't feel like you have to hide it, he knows the situation he is in," said du Preez, who himself suffered a fractured larynx while playing for Warriors in 2018.

"To be positive is a massive, massive thing in this sort of situation, it can have a very positive effect on your healing as well.

"We pretty much did things as we would if he was here at the club, have a bit of fun and talk like we normally do.

"We are just trying to be there for him and help in any way we can.

"He was good. He does enjoy it when the boys go round and it lifts him quite a bit. There has been improvement now too which is very positive.

"He is very tired sometimes and he has a lot of people going to visit, his family, and he has physio to do.

"We are going on the basis of whether he feels up to it, we decide on the day whether to go through or not. Other than that we let him be and rest up."

Best wishes have flooded in from across the globe since the injury but du Preez wants to ensure that backing remains in place during what is bound to be a lengthy recovery.

"I would just say people need to stay supportive, make sure there are opportunities to help and don't let this thing go on for a week or two or three and then slow down," he added.

"This is a very tough situation for him and his family. If we can show our support, no matter how long it takes, that will be a very good thing."

Returning to on-field matters, du Preez forms part of a strong Warriors side looking to reach the last eight of the European Challenge Cup.

A bonus-point win over Castres at Sixways tonight (Friday, 8pm) will do the trick but the number eight played down this being Worcester's best route to next season's European Champions' Cup.

"We will put on a performance, hopefully get a good win and see what happens from there," said du Preez.

"We cannot look much further than that. We have the Premiership to look after and we can get in there through the top six, that's important too but if we can get in it through this as well then why not?"

Messages can be sent to Fatialofa through a dedicated email address set up by the club:

The players have also been wearing shirts embroidered with 'Fats' to show support.