MICHAEL Fatialofa’s recovery appeared to take another step forward yesterday (Tuesday) when he tried eating for the first time in more than two weeks.

The Warriors ace has been in hospital since January 4 having sustained spinal damage during a 62-5 defeat at Saracens.

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The club reported Fatialofa had successful surgery to alleviate "bruising and swelling on his spinal cord" which left him with "reduced power and sensation in his arms and legs".

He has since been recovering in intensive care (ICU) in London with wife Tatiana Fatialofa posting updates via Instagram.

She reported that Fatialofa “could be out of ICU” this week and has in the past hour suggested he could be moved today.

Late last night Tatiana posted: “Praise God that he is at least able to try (pureed) food for the first time in 2.5 weeks! Feeding tube [is] still in but we count every bit of progress.”

Asked about Fatialofa's progress at Tuesday's press conference, Worcester's director of rugby Alan Solomons said: "The feedback I have had is positive.

"He has a bit more movement which is really positive, I am positive about it and hopeful he will make a full recovery."

Fans and wellwishers can pass on messages of encouragement to Fatialofa and his family through a dedicated email address set up by the club: fats@warriors.co.uk