MICHAEL Fatialofa is out of intensive care and has even ventured outdoors alongside Warriors team-mate Joe Taufete’e. 

Fatialofa, hopsitalised by injuries that left him with “bruising and swelling on his spinal cord” and “reduced power and sensation in his arms and legs” during Worcester’s match at Saracens on January 4, had successful surgery and has been recovering since.

Wife Tatiana Fatialofa has been providing updates via Instagram, reporting welcome news of steadily increasing movement and the ability to try to eat food over the past week. 

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Warriors today announced Fatialofa had been diagnosed with a spinal contusion, a serious condition which causes compression on the spine.

The release said his condition “remains serious but he is making good progress and showing encouraging signs of improvement”.

Fatialofa is now in the major trauma department with hopes high he could soon transfer to a specialist spinal unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire.

Taufete’e posted on Instagram: "With each day I can see the fight in you to get right and always pushing to put smiles on visitors as they come!

“You(‘re) killing the grind and recovery! You(‘re) a real inspiration to me! People don’t realise how blessed we are to be able to do the day-to-day things without even thinking about it. I’m guilty of that.

“With how strong you been through this and unconditional love you got from the family and friends, especially T (Tatiana), I know you’ll come out stronger! Fuaaaar! You guys are family to us!”

Tatiana posted: “The critical part is over, 19 long, love-filled days in intensive care (despite the doctors’ initial adamancy that my husband would stay there for at least one month) and now we’re waiting in major trauma before hopefully getting into a specialised spinal hospital ASAP.

“It’s crazy how as humans we instinctively kick into survival mode when faced with crisis.

“Adrenalin starts surging and you quickly park emotions in order to focus on necessary tasks.

“Eating and sleeping patterns go right out the window, while fogginess and fatigue rush in rudely.

“Our entire world has turned on its head, and we are facing decisions that will impact us for years to come.

“Things are changing constantly in every facet of our lives: medically, financially, spiritually, physically, relationally, etc, and it’s all incredibly overwhelming.

“However, the power of love is simply without rival — it is the strongest force in the universe and far bigger than any situation.

“I cannot begin to describe how tangibly we have felt God’s love cascade over us each day, and it is slowly but evidently healing everything from the inside out.

“The outpouring of blessings from people near and far has catalysed his health and kept our family steady as we navigate many a rocky moment.

“Our foundations have been exposed and I can confidently say we stand on solid, holy ground.

“We anticipate a difficult grind ahead, which will require ongoing prayer and patience. But for now, we celebrate step one being conquered.”