WORCESTER City chairman Steve Goode fired a broadside at Heather St John’s players at the centre of allegations of “obscene gestures” and “foul and abusive language”.

City has launched a formal complaint with Leicestershire FA – Heather’s county association – and the Midland Football League over the claims, publishing a complaint form on its official website for fans to complete.

Two sets of video evidence have been reviewed and submitted with Goode stating three Heather players “stick out like a sore thumb” from what he had seen.

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Goode labelled the alleged incidents “disgusting” and “well over the top” before declaring City would have sacked anyone involved had the boot been on the other foot.

It is not the first time the MFL Premier Division rivals have been at loggerheads this season with Saints officials preventing City fans from displaying banners they deemed to have a "political message" at an FA Cup tie in August 2019.

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“On the videos I have seen, Heather players can be seen goading our supporters, making obscene gestures and you can hear foul and abusive language,” said Goode.

“There were other things going on but those were the main issues.

“In 50 years of watching Worcester City I have never seen that sort of behaviour from any team, never, I thought it was disgusting.

“It was well over the top and not needed, Heather played well and deserved to win and no one argued with that, it was just the attitude of certain players at the end of the game. It was completely out of order.”

Asked whether anyone had been identified by the footage, Goode replied: “There are three Heather players that stick out like a sore thumb.

“On the video you could see what they were doing and in my eyes they should be ashamed to call themselves representatives of their club.

“If they had been Worcester City players they would not be at our club today, we would have got rid of anyone acting the way those lads did at the end of the game.”

Goode confirmed the matter had been discussed with Heather chairman Mick Brookes on the day.

“I spoke to the chairman at the time, I won’t go into the specifics of what was said but he didn’t agree with what I saw,” said Goode.

“We haven’t spoke to anyone at Heather since but anyone who witnessed it would have seen exactly what went on.”

A statement on City's official website read: "Following Saturday's home fixture against Heather St Johns and the unnecessary scenes that followed, we have submitted an official complaint with two sets of video footage to the Leicestershire FA and the Midland Football League.

"This morning we have received a response from Leicestershire FA who have asked us to obtain and submit witness statements by a deadline of Tuesday, February 11.

"If you witnessed what happened on Saturday and are willing to put this in your own words, please download the document, complete and return via email to: kevinpreece1987@gmail.com."

Brookes told Worcester News he felt it would be inappropriate to comment ahead of any investigation.

A representative of Leicestershire FA said the association would not comment.