HEATHER manager Jason Lanns reckons the "nothing" fracas following Saturday’s win at Worcester City "has been taken to the extreme”.

City has filed an official complaint alongside two lots of video evidence to Leicestershire FA – Heather’s county association – and the Midland Football League.

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It follows allegations that Saints players made “obscene gestures” to supporters after the 1-0 win that City chairman Steve Goode branded “disgusting”.

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Lanns acknowledged he had witnessed “one thing I did not like” in relation to those accusations but claimed an object had been thrown at him from the crowd and argued all of the events could and should have been dealt with in house.

“The scenes at the end were not great but I felt it was handbags at dawn which has been taken to the extreme now,” said Lanns.

“People are possibly sitting back and thinking ‘I wish it hadn’t gone this far’ because it was nothing.

“No one has been injured or hurt. Lads on both teams know each other, the management teams know each other and have had conversations about it.

“We thought it had all been put to bed and the next thing you know there is a big thing in the paper and a complaint has been filed. Personally, I think it has gone too far.

“Worcester have better things to think about, worry about and manage than this.

“There is a massive game on Saturday in the FA Vase, Marlon (Walters, City’s assistant manager) is a good mate of mine and I wish them all the best with that.

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“They want to improve the league position which is something I spoke to Ashley (Vincent, City manager) about.

“We want to continue with our good season and I don’t think either team needs this now. It has been blown out of proportion and has become something out of nothing.”

Earlier this week, Goode claimed video evidence showed Heather players "goading our supporters, making obscene gestures" and that "foul and abusive language" could be heard.

He added that three individuals "stick out like a sore thumb" but Saints players have defended themselves via social media site Twitter. 

On those allegations, Lanns added: “I didn’t see all of the incidents at the time, I saw one thing I did not like and spoke to that player at the end of the game in the dressing room.

“For me, that should have been enough.

“I spoke to Ash and said ‘come and see me afterwards, tell me what the issue is and I will sort it’.

“Had that happened, none of this would be happening now in my view."

Lanns declined to elaborate on what he had seen but went on to insist the incidents had not been one-sided.

“I didn’t make a big fuss about a supporter throwing something at me," he said.

“These little things happened as well but we haven’t done anything with that. I don’t think any of it needed to be publicised.

"Emotions run high at the end of a football match, not just for players but supporters as well.

“Every fan wants their team to win, he had an instant reaction and threw something at me.

“I approached him afterwards and said ‘mate, there’s no need to do that’. He probably regrets it now so we don’t need to make a big thing of it.

“While I spoke to him, someone else came forward to shake my hand and say congratulations on the win, which I thanked him for.”

Asked whether there would be any counter complaints from Heather, Lanns replied: “I can only respond to what has been said, I don’t want to get into a tit-for-tat thing.

“In my view, nothing more should be said until the FA’s come to a conclusion over what’s happened and what will happen moving forward.”

Goode did not wish to comment further ahead of any investigation.