MANAGER Ashley Vincent slammed stewarding at Atherstone Town after beer cans and allegedly a lit cigarette and racial slurs got thrown at Worcester City staff during today’s FA Vase clash.

This correspondent witnessed either plastic glasses containing liquid or cans being thrown on five occasions from the midway point of the second half.

There was also a loud homophobic insult shouted by an Adders supporter during that time with five people in steward’s jackets in close proximity taking no action.

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The incidents followed a lit pyrotechnic being thrown over the heads of City staff and onto the pitch after Atherstone scored and a man dressed in only his underpants leaping the barrier and sauntering unchallenged from one side of the pitch to the other during the first half.

Neutral spectators commented they had heard racial abuse from the same section of the crowd, something Vincent declined to comment on during his post-match address but City assistant manager Marlon Walters later took to Twitter to claim he had been subjected to racism.

“I have played at some very hostile places with dark reputations and up to 20,000 people there and I have never been treated or known a bench to be treated like me and my staff were,” said Vincent.

“Between me, Gaz (Rogers, coach) and Marlon I think we must have had about three pints of beer each thrown at us across the game.

“We had cans coming at us, Marlon had a lit cigarette butt thrown at him.

“But I said to Scott (Rickards, Atherstone manager) that it wasn’t their core (fanbase), it was a group of idiots that came to spoil a football game.

“I am not going to put that on Atherstone Town because they covered themselves with a lot of credit.

“Their demeanour on the sidelines, how we agreed and disagreed with each other over decisions in the right manner, I thought it was done with class.

“What I can’t and won’t lie down and accept is being abused physically and verbally by a group of idiots.

“I feel more could have been done. It wasn’t and maybe that is something that should be looked at.”

Asked who he felt should have done more, Vincent continued: “We all saw there were four or five stewards in the area and from where we were to the back of the stand there were only 10-15 yards.

“They could hear and see everything that was going on, absolutely no one was removed from the ground to my knowledge.

“In the first half someone got me by the shoulder trying to rag me.

“I asked if that was allowed, if I can’t stand in my technical area and feel safe from someone behind me who I can’t see if I am watching the game then that’s ridiculous. They should have been removed.

“The same person verbally abused me later on. I reported it again and still that person stayed in the ground and we are talking 90 minutes later.

“Having consumed even more alcohol he was still allowed to stay. On another day, one more drink, a different kind of environment, what does that person end up doing?

“It was the job of the stewards to deal with that. There is no point having them there if they are not going to do their duty and keep players, staff and officials safe. I didn’t think we were.

“I am not going to cry about it, we are all safe and going home but more should have been done because it could have gone a totally different way.”

Vincent addressed the issue a number of times with fourth official Alan Cox who on one occasion shrugged when handed a beer can moments after it had been thrown.

“The fourth official told me he couldn’t do anything within the laws of the game,” said Vincent.

“They look after the laws on the field. Yes, they can report what happened and I am hoping they do because I handed him (Cox) three cans, five or six plastic cups that held beer and a cigarette butt that was alight when I gave it to him. I hope they take it seriously.

“We saw there was someone in the crowd drinking from a glass bottle. Am I going to allow my staff to stand within touching distance of fans with glass bottles when you’re being abused and grabbed?

“That could have led to someone being seriously injured and I have a duty of care to my staff and players.

“It is not acceptable for any of us to be subjected to physical attacks or even verbal abuse. Those people should be removed from the game.

“We have seen they’re stamping it out at higher levels. It doesn’t matter whether it is Premier League, step six, seven or eight, this is a game that should be enjoyed by all.”

Asked whether City would pursue any complaints, Vincent replied: “Ultimately I don’t think a lot can be done now.

“I don’t think it was a true reflection of Atherstone fans, there were a lot in the ground who just got behind their team.

“Scott and his staff were very understanding and agreed with me, that they should have been kicked out.

“The stewards in the vicinity should have done that and didn’t do their jobs properly, that was the disappointing thing.”

Asked whether referee Aaron Bannister should have done more, Vincent said: “I don’t think he wanted to antagonise them and maybe wanted out for here as quickly as possible.”