ATHERSTONE Town chairman Brian Henney said an “internal audit” would take place over the ugly scenes that marred Saturday’s FA Vase tie with Worcester City.

Worcester News witnessed stewards taking no action to prevent at least five objects – plastic glasses containing alcohol and beer cans – being thrown at City staff from behind the away dugout during the second half and extra-time.

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There was also a homophobic remark shouted by a spectator who showed support for Atherstone with a complaint raised with stewards but again, no action was taken.

That followed a lit pyrotechnic being thrown over the heads of City staff and onto the pitch and a man dressed in only his boxer shorts encroaching onto the playing surface during the first half.

City manager Ashley Vincent later claimed a lit cigarette butt had been thrown at his assistant Marlon Walters which he said he had handed to the fourth official.

Walters later took to Twitter to claim he had been racially abused after Worcester News had spoken to Henney. Another Atherstone official said that matter would be looked into when approached.

Henney said: "It is impossible for me to comment at this moment in time because I have to have an internal discussion on it."

Asked what he had seen, Henney replied: "The first thing I saw was when smoke was bellowing on the pitch.

"From my point of view it was well controlled and sorted. There isn't a game in this kind of scenario where there won't be something.

“Then we had a streaker, I saw him on the pitch and it was dealt with. We have situations that arise and we deal with them.

"I cannot say anything else because I don't know factually what has happened.

"It was said to me the missile (flare) came over the stand from the other side of the fence, not actually in the ground, it came from the car park.

"Again, we will look to establish who, what, where and when."

Henney said he had not seen anything other than those two incidents, adding: "The positive for me was that it was a good cup tie.

"There will always be the odd incident but it is about how we control it on the day.

"Homophobic comments, again it is how you deal with it. I don't expect any steward to ignore it and for that reason we will look into it.

"We need to have that internal audit. There will be a referee's report and we will look at everything.

"At the end of the day, it is a football game, these things do happen. We do our best, as Worcester would if we were there.

"We will look to learn from any mistakes if we find there has been any made from our point of view.

"We will take appropriate action." The guy that streaked will get a lifetime ban, he will not be on these premises again, that's a fact.

"We know who he is and where he comes from, it was a one-off.

"His point was about the local council taking away his bench. He sits on it day in day out, the councillors were here and he wanted to make a point to them, it was not about us.

"I couldn't stop him coming into the ground, he wasn't under the influence, he wasn't already banned. Now I can make the decision not to let him in again."