A MIXED netball league has been set up in Worcester to meet demand from teams following a charity tournament.

Leagues4you will run the sessions at Kings School on Mondays from 7pm until 9pm. 

Tonight will be a Couch2Court session for those looking to try the sport for the first time or brush up on their skills.

The league will continue on a weekly basis from next Monday.

Leagues4you's Emma Edmonds said: “We had a great response from teams who played in the tournament.

"It was a catalyst for a number of players who hadn’t taken part in social sports and wanted to get involved.

“Alongside women’s leagues across the country Leagues4you also runs a number of successful mixed leagues so it made sense to bring that same model to Worcester. 

“Social leagues offer a friendly and welcoming environment for people who want to play a team sport without the pressure of a traditional competitive league.

“We have seen the benefits first-hand — physical fitness, stress relief, friendship, camaraderie and above all the joy of having a laugh with your mates.

“Netball isn’t just for girls!  It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals, families, colleagues and friends to come together and enjoy a growing sport which is fast and fun.”

For more details visit leagues4you.co.uk.