BOSS Alan Solomons believed some of the refereeing decisions were not “100 per cent” in Warriors' Gallagher Premiership defeat to Bristol Bears and he suggested official protocol must be followed in order for it to be corrected.

Director of rugby Solomons was full of praise for his side despite yet another narrow defeat but was keen to point out that the club will review certain decisions and then carry out the necessary action.

“There were certainly some that I didn’t think were 100 per cent,” he said.

“I will have to look at it in the cold light of day, liaise with the rest of the coaching staff and if we all agree then we will go through the official protocol.

“What I will say is that the refereeing review system is a good one and Tony Spreadbury (head of referees) is always available.

"You can always talk to him and it’s done in the proper fashion.

“If necessary we sit down with the referees, like last week with Christophe Ridley, and went through some of the stuff and we will do the same this week.

“You have to analyse the penalties. We made mistakes and penalties were sometimes deserved but if not we have to have a sit down and have a discussion through the proper channels and the referee.

“We can’t change it now but if we don’t do anything about it then nothing is going to happen."

Warriors conceded 14 penalties in total throughout the 80 minutes including nine in the first half alone.

Cornell du Preez and Andrew Kitchener were both sin-binned in the second period also which ultimately cost Worcester.

“Given the heavy penalty count it makes it extremely difficult to win,” Solomons added.

“Nine penalties in the first half and that is extraordinary. I have been coaching since 1997 and I have not come across that many times I can tell you that.

“The penalty count was extraordinary to say the least, extraordinary.

“Having said all of that, going down to 14 men twice I thought the commitment put in by the team was tremendous.

“We had opportunities that we didn’t close out which was unfortunate but I thought the defensive effort at times with 14 men was immense.”

Worcester restricted a dangerous and threatening Bristol side and took a losing bonus point from the match but that was the fourth league defeat in a row and Solomons admits that persistence is now key if results are going to come.

“It is frustrating,” he continued.

“The line between success and failure is the finest in the world and persistence always win the day.

“You have to be resilient and persistent and there is no doubt the penalty count played a large part in that and the two sin-bins didn’t help.”