Warriors prop Ethan Waller has praised the "professional" attitude of the squad during a difficult spell for the club and insists negativity will not help their cause.

Worcester's latest defeat at the weekend made it five in a row in the league and means Worcester are still searching for their first league win of 2020.

Prop Waller believes that the only way to bounce back is by continuing to push one another to "strive" for improvement and maintaining positive morale within the squad.

"The review process after games is the same every week," he said.

"We go into every facet of the game, all the pros and cons because there will always be both.

"After a defeat there are probably some more pressing issues on the negative side of things but our process stays the same because regardless of whether we win or lose we’re always striving to improve.

"We know that there is still a lot of areas that we can get better at and I think that’s crucial for us to keep on that upward curve.

"Were always very honest with each other. Everyone knows there’s never a personal dig, were all professional rugby players and our aim is to be the best professionals that we can be.

"So when we are in these meetings and you have done something wrong you do get called out for it but at the same time you’re willing to accept that criticism because it’s always trying to make us better as a team and better as individuals.

"There is never really a negative vibe around the place, it’s a vibe of improvement."

With Saracens' relegation official, clubs towards the bottom of the table can now "relax" in the knowledge that they will be playing Premiership rugby next season and there was a hope that Worcester might play with some freedom.

Unfortunately Warriors are still yet to win a league game this year and the side have struggled to produce wins from seemingly strong positions.

Waller says the Saracens saga has not impacted the side and the aim has always been to look up the table rather than down.

"Relegation has never been on our minds," he added.

"In terms of how we’ve been this season, in terms of where we are in the table, that has never been in our heads and it’s a breath of fresh air having that.

"It’s one of those that yeah, it's nice knowing that relegation is definitely not a possibility but at the same time it was never really something we were worrying about.

"Our aim is to get into that top six and it still is so that’s the focus and that’s what we will continue to focus on."

Warriors will be looking to stop the rut on Friday night when they host title-chasing Northampton Saints at Sixways (7.45pm).