EX-WORCESTERSHIRE cricketer Martin Weston has revealed a fond love for football in his years after cricket and how a recent tournament playing for England has proven to be a catalyst of things to come.

The all-rounder played county cricket for 16 years from 1979 until 1995 and managed 5,597 first-class runs as well as 82 wickets during his career in which he also played for Herefordshire.

But now the 60-year-old explains his never-ending passion for football has enabled him to earn three caps for his country.

"Last May was when it all started really," Weston said.

"I went along to watch England over 60s play their Welsh counterparts, I wasn't selected or anything but I went and thought I would throw all my kit in the car just in case.

"As it was, after about three hamstring pulls, all of a sudden they came up to me and asked if I wanted to play and obviously I had all the kit in my car so I got changed and played most of the second half.

"After that they called me up in November for my first official appearance and it was another match against the Welsh down in Caerphilly this time."

Back at the start of last month Weston and the England team travelled to Newcastle, Northern Ireland, for a round-robin event involving Wales, the home team and England.

During his career in cricket Weston also played football during the winter months to remain fit and explained how the weekend event was just as competitive as any other level he'd experienced.

"We were probably the best side there in terms of quality but on the day we lost to Northern Ireland and then drew to Wales on the Sunday," he added.

"Most of our boys we had have played pro or have been involved with pro clubs of sorts so the players are really useful and they all really want to win."

Despite having to play in some pretty horrendous weather conditions, Weston said that the weekend was a success on and off the pitch.

"We have players coming from all over the country," he said.

"Lads from the Midlands, Liverpool, Essex and Brighton. When we play together, it's the only time we see each other so it was good fun.

"Over the weekend in between games we had a chance to mix with the other teams and also enjoy some time just as a group.

"Guinness was had and we had food after the games which was put on for us so that was quite nice.

"On the Sunday we played Wales and we had everything in the game. Snow, wind, rain, hail ­— we had it all, it was amazing really!

"We had some more pub food and drink after the game, we drew 2-2 and the match was abandoned towards the end because of the weather.

"They were my third and fourth games for England, I really enjoyed it and hope to play many more times."