WITH the coronavirus crisis ending all football for now we asked for your thoughts on how the season should be settled if play cannot resume.

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The responses, particularly on the challenges facing the non-league game, were interesting and as out poll shows so far, there is no clear leader in terms of a definitive solution.

What does look likely is that we will be waiting a while to see any action again, particularly after the suspension of all professional matches in England got extended to April 30 yesterday.

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Here are some of your views.

Chris Milsom: “Points per game (PPG) should be used to declare positions seems the fairest way in my opinion.”

Andy Beasley: “Play all games if we return in time, void the season if not.”

Garry Griffiths (353 Photography): “No point worrying about next season until we finish this one.

“If they void it I assume someone from the FA would visit the likes of Halesowen Town, Coventry United, Sporting Khalsa, Shifnal Town and Wolverhampton Casuals (to name just a few) to explain that their efforts equal zero.”

James Shaw: “Have to play from current standings whenever we’re allowed to play again.

“Have a short break – a month maybe – then scrap a couple of the regional cups next season and play a condensed league season with a slight extension so that the 2021-22 season starts on time.”

Richard Vanstone Stainer: “Some places wont have a pitch until June. They need working on ready for next season, especially the hits they have taken this season with the weather.”

Dominic Ing-Seabourne: “Do what Rugby World Cup 2019 did. Settle everything on current standings.”

Brett Rumfitt: “Probably PPG up to now. Start next season ASAP but if late have only one match between teams not home and away?”

Will Robinson (non-league player): “Extend the season to June 30 with regular updates and if this cant be achieved look at PPG.

“Have a shorter summer break (we all get bored in pre-season), maybe start beginning of September with more midweek fixtures at beginning of season to combat late start.”

John Hallam: “Has one ever thought that a lot of footballers are keen cricketers also? As to what to do, I have no good answer.”

Andrew Blackwell: “Most pitches are unavailable due to maintenance work or being used for other things such as cricket.”

@JimCognito85: “It seems this is still going to get worse before it gets better.

“There has to come a point when we forget about this season the longer this goes on. I can’t see us getting to the traditional start of next season having finishing this and again, I can’t see playing this year.

“How we judge this current season will probably seem futile when all is said and done, future of many clubs is already a talking point and I suspect that sadly we will have an altered landscape in the whole pyramid come the end of this.

“Bin it off and worry about it later.”

@AsSowter: “If we just scrub this season as a right off the financial implications to small clubs will see a lot go out of business, some are already finding it hard to make ends meet. It has to be completed.”