WORCESTER City chairman Steve Goode reckons there is too much of the season left for it to be completed – but insists 2019-20 cannot be scrapped.

City and fellow Midland Football League clubs may get further guidance as to what could happen to resolve football's coronavirus crisis after representatives of all leagues at the level talk with FA chiefs today.

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It follows similar discussions with leagues at levels above yesterday (Monday) and comes on the back of the Western League, one of those involved at City's level, suggesting the season should be scrapped with no promotion or relegation.

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And while those matters will not concern 12th-placed City, Goode reckons potential achievers cannot be allowed to miss out.

"If we were chasing promotion I would definitely want the season to be continued somehow," he said.

"In the position we are in it would be tough to see us challenge and we are safe from relegation. If they intend to continue I would split the leagues so there would not be so many left to play, maybe only involve the teams that are in the hunt.

"Teams should still go up and go down but I wouldn't continue the season as it is, I would reduce it to mini leagues, maybe play-offs, so league winners, promotions and relegations can be decided.

"The last thing we want is to go into the following season which means that would be reduced."

Goode accepts there would still be inequalities created by following his suggestion but argues that would be the case with any outcome.

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"Unfortunately there is going to be a bit of unfairness whatever they decide," he added.

"If they scrapped the league it would be straightforward but if Worcester City was top of the league we would be really upset.

"My biggest concern is even if we start playing again in May, with having 12 games to go it will just run too far into next season unless that gets reduced.

"You could play some teams at home and not away (next season) but then some teams won't be happy with that, maybe you could reduce (the size of) leagues. Somehow you have to get it back to normal but it is really difficult.

"People will want this season finished, a lot of depends on where you are in the league but scrapping it would be unfair on the teams that have done well."

"With the country being in complete lockdown, personally I cannot see football being played for at least two months. That takes us to the end of May, then you have to get the games organised. It would be very tough.

"There are some massive decisions to be made and I would not want to predict what happens.

"We are still working through emails and phone calls, everyone on the board is contributing to put us in the best position to deal with what might occur."