MARCO Mama believes the coronavirus pandemic will help to “put people’s lives into perspective” and urges fellow sportsmen and women to continue to respect the nature of the virus.

Warriors’ season remains on hold despite the RFU cancelling the 2019/20 term at all levels below the top flight as Premiership Rugby continue to plan on finishing the campaign.

The Zimbabwean admits this unique situation is something that will take some getting used to but Mama says players are now champing at the bit to get going when it is safe to do so.

“Having spoken to players we are very keen to getting back to doing what we do,” the 28-year-old back row said.

“Being at home and having a bit of a break is nice but I think all sportsmen and women across the world are wanting to get back to their sports because it’s something we all really enjoy.

“We have to respect the nature of this virus and what’s going on.

“I think if players had a choice of playing rugby, regardless of whether it’s in front of an empty stadium or with fans, we would want to play.

“At least you’d have the bonus of people being able to watch the games from home on TV and I think it would provide a lot of solace for people to be able to watch from home and have something to enjoy whilst everyone is sitting at home.

“I’m sure rugby fans around the world are feeling quite deprived of the sport they love so maybe it would provide something that people can look forward to whilst we are in this predicament we are all in.”

In such uncertain times Mama suggests it is a difficult experience for everyone, not just players, but commends those who are fighting the disease on the front-line.

“It’s a very unique situation,” he added.

“I think a lot of people are having to come to terms with all these changes to their lives but what we have to have in the back of our minds is that there are many more people out there having more significant changes to their lives, like doctors and nurses, so we have to think about them and support them as best we can.

“I think this is all putting our lives into context.”