WORCESTER Warriors' Michael Fatialofa has been discharged from Hospital, five months on from his life-threatening neck injury.

The 27 year-old suffered the injury during his side's game against Saracens earlier this year and underwent surgery at St Mary's Hospital to relieve pressure on his spinal cord, later being shifted to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

Fatialofa's wife Tatiana announced the news on Twitter, saying: "My delightful husband is coming home tomorrow night - 5 MONTHS I've waited."

In April, Fatialofa spoke about his experience, saying he feared he would never walk again.

He said: "Walking is the tip of the iceberg with these types of injuries.

"My hands are probably the hardest thing for me - getting my hands functioning. My left hand pretty much does nothing.

"From my neck down, I couldn't feel anything or move anything. It was pretty scary, and I was really short of breath because what I did was the spinal cord was compressed and anything below the spinal cord is affected and that includes my lungs and I was just kinda trying to breathe."

He added his time in hospital was traumatic, saying he had several fellow patients die near where he was lying.

He said: "It's a time that's tough to think about. I heard some people die next to me. It was quite traumatising.

"All I could hear was a beeper go off, everyone rush in and then I have a new roommate the next day."

Following his injury in January, Fatialofa walked for the first time since his injury in April.

He was originally diagnosed with a spinal contusion, a serious condition which causes compression on the spine and had surgery to relieve the pressure on his spinal cord caused by bruising and swelling.

A charity fund raising campaign by Restart Rugby raised more than £39,000 to help the Fatialofa family during his care and rehabilitation.