NON-league Twitter is fast becoming its own phenomenon with Aaron Roberts keen to sort the men from the boys – even if the ladies in his life wish he would leave it alone.

The City full-back or midfielder was at the centre of what turned into an online bunfight with Dan Sweeney, then of Redditch United, following a pre-season friendly between the Worcestershire rivals.

Players and fans from far and wide had their say but the ex-Bromsgrove Sporting man insists he is not out to court attention, more call out those who do.


“There is no malice in it and when I say something, there is a fact behind it or it refers to something that has gone on in a game,” he said.

“People don’t realise the level they are playing at, they think they are Premier League stars, so when they are chuntering – especially the likes of Dan Sweeney – that just doesn’t wash with me.

“It is all tongue in cheek and a bit of banter, it gets under the skin of some people but to me it is just water off a duck’s back.

“I tend to be someone who says what a lot of other people are thinking but may not want to say themselves, I am quite out there and open with the way I talk and that’s not going to change any time soon.

“My missus wishes it would, she pulls me up about it all the time – and my mom, she’s being trying to calm me down for 28 years!”

To his credit, Roberts has walked the walk as well as talking the talk since his summer move from Evesham United and has his heart set on a surge through the levels like he experienced with Bromsgrove.

“I have seen it done and to be honest, that was what brought me here,” he added.

“I know how enjoyable it can be for the players and fans, the size of Worcester City as a club is on a par with Bromsgrove, if not bigger history wise. Sporting seem to be going that way and good luck to them.

“Craig Jones really sold me the project here. Last time I signed was under John Snape and the club was at the end of a season where they weren’t going up or down, it was just a few games.

“I had a good chat with the whole management team and they sold it as well, it is a well-supported club and that’s something I enjoyed, especially at Bromsgrove. I like to interact with fans.

“No disrespect to Evesham but it is a smaller club, I had a good offer to stay there but I saw something in Worcester that I wanted to be a part of.

“A couple of good years here and we could be back up where Bromsgrove is now.”

Having cemented a place as a right-back at the Victoria Ground, some might have been surprised to him in the middle of the park for City, particularly with the wealth of options manager Ashley Vincent has.

“I’ll play anywhere Ash wants me to but I think I have given him a bit of a dilemma,” said Roberts.

“Before I joined Bromsgrove all of my football was played in midfield, Smudger (Paul Smith) put me there and I ended up playing the position for four years.

“I mentioned it in pre-season and I think I am a bit different to the other lads, we have some good ball players but a bit like Kurtis Mewies I am strong in the tackle and good in the air and I think I can be used in both positions, as I have been so far.

“It is whatever suits the gaffer, really. I am comfortable playing either.”

Attention turns to the FA Cup tomorrow (Wednesday, 7.45) as City host Stafford Rangers, a familiar opponent from National North days that currently plays two tiers higher than Worcester.

The first qualifying round tie is worth £2,250 in prize money and it will be decided via a penalty shootout if level after 90 minutes.

Our regular build-up and live coverage will be online from tomorrow afternoon.