CITY manager Ashley Vincent received an apology from opposite number Jody Banim for the “highly disrespectful” comment that preceded both being sent off.

Both bosses approached referee Neil Pratt on the pitch at half-time during City's 3-2 defeat at home to Stafford Rangers in the FA Cup.


Banim revealed he had wanted to question the man in the middle over a possible handball in the build up to City’s opener, while Vincent sought to ask about a penalty that was not given just before the interval.

As Vincent addressed Pratt, Banim said something that caused a stir and a member of Stafford’s coaching staff and City secretary Kevin Preece had to intervene as the two gaffers argued and pushed their heads towards each other's.

Pratt and his two assistants followed behind and did not seek to intervene straightaway, dishing out the dismissals once the managers had been separated.

Vincent said: “I was asking the referee about a penalty for us, on the back of that their manager was highly disrespectful.

“I got involved to a level that I probably shouldn’t have but by no means should we have been sent off. It was absolutely nothing and the referee totally overreacted but we put ourselves in that situation.

“I thought his (Banim’s) comment was totally unnecessary, I wasn’t even talking to him or addressing him. I should have walked away but in the heat of the moment I didn’t. That’s football and these things are going to happen.

“There are no grudges, he apologised to me after the game and I wish them well in the next round and with their season.”

Vincent politely declined to reveal what had been said but added: “He overstepped the line, I am not going to have someone speak to me like that in football or out of football but the referee did overreact to what was a heated discussion.”

Speaking prior to our interview with Vincent, Banim said: “It was just a bit silly really.

“Ash came over while I was talking to the referee. I said something, he took offence to it and there was a bit of handbags. It was a bit daft really.

“I thought the referee made a ridiculous decision, it was not worthy of a red card at all but I apologise.

"It was not the best thing to do and I said sorry to their manager after the game as well.”