WORCESTER City captain Craig Jones played a lead role in the near hour-long dressing room inquiry into Saturday’s 4-1 defeat at Lye Town.

It left City with just four goals and two points to show for their opening six Midland Football League Premier Division games this season.

He fielded a few questions from us afterwards.

A few choice words could be heard from the dressing room afterwards. What insight can you offer on what was said?

“There was a little bit of soul searching and there were some harsh words said. If we’re honest, they needed to be said.

“As a group we are not performing individually or as a team for the management. The management put in a ridiculous amount of hours with work on the training ground, match days and all sorts of preparation and we are not repaying them.

“The fans as well, we went over to them at the end and told them they didn’t deserve that. Ultimately the buck stops with us, we are not performing and the fault lies with the players.

“I am a player, it is my fault as much as anyone else’s and I am a part of it so a few things needed to be said.”

Did anyone disagree with or take personally that assessment?

“I hope people took it personally because it is about personal performances. It would show a bit of personal pride and show they actually care, that it bothers them.

“No one disagreed and I don’t think anyone could. The results are the results and we are where we deserve to be because we are not winning matches and not performing.”

Do you think your level of frustration is felt across the board?

“Everyone is frustrated. Different people show it in different ways but everyone cares, there is no question about that.

“The really disappointing thing is us not performing well enough for the management or the fans, especially now we are back in Worcester.

“We have had great support, the fans have been vocal and have turned up in numbers, the management team is honest, loyal and knowledgeable and we are not performing for them so everyone is frustrated and disappointed.

“There is only one way to change it and that is to get on the training ground, work hard and show plenty of bottle.”

Would any questions over commitment be fair?

“I hope not, certainly not for me personally. I get we are going to have bad games, that happens in football but I would like to think everyone is giving everything they can.

“I think the result makes this game look a lot worse. Would I like people to get on the end of stuff more? Yes, in both thirds, but I don’t think anyone is not committed to the cause, no.”

Is it more about how that commitment is channelled?

“Potentially, yes.

“I am not sure whether some lads feel the pressure mentally, we know what a good management team and squad we have but all of that is on paper, we have to do it on the pitch.

“I just feel as players we are letting people down at the minute and ultimately it rests with us, we have to put it right and I am confident we will do that as a group.”

After the debrief, the bulk of City’s players sat together in the bar and continued to talk through what had happened with a post-training social also planned.

“We have to look inwards and something has to change, we cannot keep rolling into match days thinking ‘today’s the day’, we have to do something about it.

“If that means going for a group outing, sharing some more home truths in the right way and in the right setting, hopefully that can help. It is not going to do any harm so it is going to happen.”

Have you been through anything like this before?

“Honestly, no, not since kids’ football, but we are experienced enough to know that we have to give more quality.

“If we watch it back and there is more endeavour to be given then that will be addressed as well.

“I am big enough and ugly enough to take it on the chin, people can question me or the team, now it is just about us mucking in and making sure we turn the corner and I am confident we will.”

Anything to add?

“I want to thank the fans. They turn up in their droves and get behind us, at the minute we don’t deserve them and they certainly don’t deserve the results we are giving them but we will work harder and we will turn the corner.”