MANAGER Ashley Vincent insists there is no need for wholesale changes to his Worcester City squad – but he could look to “freshen it up”.

Much is expected of a City squad bolstered by the additions of players with Midland Football League titles to their names and two points from six games has left fans baffled ahead of tomorrow’s Premier Division clash at home to Highgate United (7.45).

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But bar Saturday’s debacle at Lye, Vincent has been happy with performances so far, citing a lack of cutting edge at crucial times as the reason for the lack of results.

With confidence low the prospect of recruiting is up for discussion and Vincent acknowledges that would probably mean others leaving what is already a big squad, although he is adamant that would be no slight on the individuals affected.

On the prospect of squad changes, Vincent said: “I back the players 100 per cent.

“No one who has seen Worcester City play before Saturday can tell me they haven’t tried, and that cannot be said about the Lye game either. They tried, they just didn't play well.

“They will run through brick walls for me and the club and no one can tell me that we don’t have one hell of a squad for this level, they just haven’t picked up results and confidence is low.

“You are always on the lookout for players who can improve you but what I do have is a squad of good people as well.

“If anyone comes in, I want them to be the right person. Whether we need someone to come in to freshen it up is a discussion for me to have with Marlon (Walters, assistant) and Gaz (Rogers, coach) but there is no way I will be discarding this squad because they are good people and good footballers who absolutely want the best for each other and for Worcester City.”

Asked whether departures would be inevitable if players came in, Vincent replied: “I have boys in the squad who are not making the 16, I have two injured and they still have to come into it.

“Being realistic about Aaron Birch, he is going to come back into the side when he is ready to so that means someone coming out of the starting XI and then someone not making the bench.

“There is no room to bring in players and then just have lads at home not being used, that would be a pointless exercise.

“If the right players (came in), I would have to have honest and frank discussions with the players I have about whether or not they are likely to be in the team or the squad. They would then have a decision to make as to whether it is time to move on.

“What I will say – and I am not going to throw any of my players under the bus – is that no one will be asked to leave saying that they are not for me because I know all of them have worked hard for this club and that they are good footballers.

“It might just be a situation where those lads want regular football and that will be their decision.

“This summer I made the decision to go with a group whose character could not be questioned, which I don’t think I had at times last season.”