THE vice-chairman of Gresley Rovers alleged he had been “grabbed by the throat” having entered the Worcester City changing room on Saturday. 

Pete Robinson said he had gone in on the back of damage to the away team dugout and dressing room in the aftermath of the drama-filled 3-2 defeat for City. 

“Before they’ve left (the pitch) they have punched the sign on the dugout,” said Robinson.

“Then I get a call saying there is damage to the away team dressing room and they’ve bashed the window in and the panel on the door.

“I picked up the panel and walked into the dressing room and asked who had done this, this is my property and then one bloke grabbed me by the throat. It’s no problem, no issue.

“Then the assistant manager came out and asked to talk, I said you can’t go round bashing places up and assaulting people, that’s not how football works.

“He said they would reimburse us for the damage but you can’t go round doing that.”

City boss Ashley Vincent insisted the alleged throat grab “definitely didn’t happen” and there had been minimal damage done to the facilities.

“I spoke to the chairman after the game and he had a complaint but if you look at the dressing room it’s falling apart anyway," he said.

“When I got to the changing room he was there and wanted to speak to someone about the wood that had been broken off but we went and spoke to him and that was where it ended.

“As far as I am concerned nothing went on. Everything was left very well and he commented on how well we played and that was where it was left, there was no animosity at all.”