CHAIRMAN Steve Goode revealed a board meeting had been held over City’s start to the season but insisted support for manager Ashley Vincent had not wavered.

Saturday’s 3-2 defeat at Gresley Rovers, accusations that damage had been done to the ground and that Moatmen vice-chairman Pete Robinson had been “grabbed by the throat” in City’s dressing room prompted a fresh wave of calls for change from fans.

Vincent denied Robinson had been grabbed and Goode revealed he had been satisfied with the explanation he had since received having not been at City’s sixth defeat in 10 Midland Football League matches.

And while the situation remains under review, there are no plans to axe the under-fire boss.

“We had a meeting at board level and Colin Layland (vice-chairman) and I spoke to Ashley,” said Goode.

“We told him what we want and where we want to go and he was 100 per cent behind that. He is as disappointed as us by results but as I have said before, we could quite easily have had 15 points on the board from the first five games and that’s football.

“A couple of directors made a point over where we are in the league which was why we met with Ashley, to express concern over not winning games, but personally I understand where we are. I know the way we are playing and that it will come together once it clicks.

“We will most probably review it in six weeks, see where we are then and if we are still struggling then we will have a chat with Ashley again but as far as we are concerned we are going to stick with the management team.

“They are all good people with the club at heart and even though the fans are upset when we lose games, like I am, I know Ashley, Marlon (Walters, assistant), Gaz (Rogers, coach) and all the players are hurt by it too.

“There have been many examples where good balls have come in and our players have missed the ball by an inch, we have been unfortunate.

“The board is happy with the squad and the performance levels, we are just not happy with how results are going but we can all see that once this team clicks it will be very difficult to beat.

“We have concerns about conceding early goals, it always seems to be an uphill battle to get back into games but once we get a bit of a run going people will change attitudes, and I am sure that is not far away.

“I am in contact with Ashley continuously. He is not happy with how things are going but he can see what we have, I am sure something will happen for us shortly and when it does we will start moving up the league

“We are definitely in a false position and I can say that having seen most of the games.

“One of the biggest issues we have is people think this is the old Worcester City. It isn’t.

“We have a long way to go to get back to where we were, hopefully we will get there but a lot of the games we play are like a cup finals for our opponents.”

Goode had taken to Twitter over the weekend to say he was “not happy with some of the comments I am reading”, inviting supporters to raise concerns in person.

“I was disappointed with a lot of what I read,” the City chief added.

“I understand the frustrations of City fans, we are all passionate about the club and know it is a results business – everyone’s happy when you win and when you don’t they’re not, that’s understandable.

“We have been homeless for seven years and have just got back to Worcester, I know results have not gone the way we wanted them to but people have to stick together.

“I believe Ashley has put together a team capable of winning this league. A lot of people think the players don’t have pride in playing for the club, that they’re not bothered if we win or lose but I know that’s totally wrong. I have been in the changing room and know how upset they are at the end of games, I have seen their reaction.

“The players are giving 100 per cent and if they weren’t, Ashley would get rid of them. We have commitment and quality, it just isn’t quite clicking at the moment.

“Things might change with a couple of little tweaks.

“I actually agree with some of the (social media) posts, what I don’t agree with is people posting who don’t attend games. They just hear what others are saying.

“If they want to complain they really need to be at the ground. I don’t like personal attacks on people either and that won’t be tolerated.

"If that continues from any of our supporters they will be banned, end of story because I am not having that at all.”

City look to bounce back in Saturday's home clash with Racing Club Warwick (3pm).