WORCESTER City is “around mid-table” in the budget stakes according to chairman Steve Goode – but he insists the club should still aim high.

Much has been made of City’s shaky start to a campaign that promised so much with the Claines Lane club sat fourth bottom with six points having won one in 10 Midland Football League Premier Division outings.

The signings of players who have won this league in the past, the size of City’s fan base and this being the club’s homecoming campaign all fuelled expectation throughout the non-league circuit but Goode says perceptions are not always accurate.

“People keep saying we are one of the highest-paying teams in this league, we are not. We are probably in the top eight or nine I would think,” he said.

“We do not have the top budget in this league, we are most probably around mid-table when it comes to budgets and everything is done the correct way, what we say we will pay is what we pay.

“The management budget isn’t the greatest in the league either and with the work they do, they provide real value for money in my opinion.”

But Goode still believes City should have their sights set on climbing back up the pyramid having dropped three levels for financial reasons prior to him taking the helm as part of mass changes on the board.

“It is a waste of time being in a league if you are not prepared to try to win it,” argued Goode.

“I know there are teams with lower budgets who don’t have a chance but when you speak to managers, I think they all want to go out to win it whether they have £100 per week to play with or £1,000 per week. The whole point is to get out of this league and move up.

“Because this is Worcester City and the club isn’t what it was, it makes it even harder for us. It is like a cup final for most of the teams we play.

“Worcester City is still a big scalp but that is something we just have to put up with and get through.”

Opinion remains divided among supporters but Goode says he is happy to talk through concerns.

“I am at every game. If any supporters want to talk to me or give me their views then I’ll be honest with them,” said Goode.

“There will be some aspects of the club that we cannot discuss, which everyone knows, but if people come to me with an honestly-held view I will give them an honest answer from the club’s perspective.”