WORCESTER City and 'WCFC Supporters Trust' board member Luke Cox believes the future of the club is bright but planning ahead now is vital for their long-term security.

Cox, 24, spoke to Worcester News and wanted to, first, personally thank the City faithful on behalf of the board and praised their patience in testing times.

"We have such a huge thank you to say to supporters because they have been so patient," he said.

"Obviously we still have the ground to be finished in the next couple of weeks but they have continued to turn up and every week we have filled that 300 capacity, and we appreciate that.

"It's not be an ideal situation but they still come and I think we are extremely lucky to have a fanbase that wants to keep coming.

"At the end of the day, we on the board are fans ourselves too and we need to make sure the supporters know how much it means that they have stuck through us and stood by the club.

"It’s not just this season they have done, it’s been the last seven years and it's been a difficult ride."

City's start to the current campaign has been a testing one at best and Cox has no qualms with admitting that but he believes the club is in a much stronger position than it has been for a long time.

"We are now at a point where the club is home," he added.

"We are no longer going through an existential crisis all the time, it is now a football club.

"I know it’s tough and times like these are difficult with a pandemic but in a strange way, if all the supporters and people around us are only complaining about the football then that’s good.

"In the past it’s always been about where is the ground, what’s happening with it, we can now concentrate on being a football club again."

In non-league football, Worcester City is a big name and Cox believes controlling expectations is one of the biggest challenges they face but focus must be geared towards building for the future.

City are unofficially a 'fan-owned' organisation as the supporters trust still require a further five percent in shares to achieve the 51% needed to be, in writing, fan owned.

The 'WCFC Supporters Trust' board are trying to push for that goal as they believe it is the most sustainable way for the club to be run.

"In a strange way one of the difficulties that City has is that, it's Worcester city," he admitted.

"There is an element of recalibration needed in terms of expectations but now we are back in Worcester we have something to build on and we believe there is a bright future.

"There is now a real opportunity for City to be a successful non-league football club.

"Yes those FA Cup matches were great and everyone was left with memories that will last forever but at the time, the club wasn’t being run in a sustainable fashion.

"The whole reason we went down the fan owned route is because it offers a football club to have a model that is more secure and reliable

"Through this path, with a lot of hard work from everyone behind the scenes, going this way we have a fertile opportunity to make City is here in 15/20 years, that’s what we have to work on.

"We have to work on the appreciation we can be successful but we need to also run the football club properly at the same time and that’s the biggest thing for us right now, building to ensure this football club is run in the best way to benefit how it will be in the future."