CITY chief warns against complacency over Covid-19 regulations

THE chairman of Worcester City Football Club has called for greater compliance with Covid-19 regulations after testing positive for the virus.

Steve Goode received his diagnosis on Monday having fallen ill over the weekend.

He admitted to thinking “people were going over the top” with rules that placed restrictions on our liberties to curb the spread of the global pandemic but has had a change of heart after contracting the disease.

“I feel better than what I did and I’m slowly recovering,” said Goode.

“I still ache all over and am very tired, I have no energy to do anything.

“People need to take note of the social distancing, it is important and this has really hammered that home for me.

“This is not a nice thing to have, luckily I am not as ill as a lot of people have been. I am taking it day by day and feel better than I did.

“I thought people were going over the top, I couldn’t really understand it myself but since I have had it, I can understand.

“People need to stay in where they can. It is pretty serious and people should take note of what is being put out there.”

On how his illness developed, Goode said: “It started with a really bad cough just after I had eaten on Saturday evening.

“At first I thought something had gone down the wrong way but it persisted and I woke up with the cough every five minutes once I had gone to bed.

“I could hardly move when I got up the following morning, it was like someone was sat on top of me, everything was really tight.

“It took me ages to get down the stairs when it usually takes a couple of seconds, I was in quite a bit of pain as well.

“An hour after getting up I had to go back to bed, I was shattered and I slept for five or six hours.

“The cough has got a bit better but the aches and tight feeling all over is still there. I was a bit concerned about my chest because I haven’t been in the best of health but I have been okay up to now.”