WORCESTER City has “missed out on thousands of pounds” due to Covid-19 – but chairman Steve Goode insists the club is well placed to come through the new lockdown.

The FA confirmed last week that non-elite football – covering all semi-professional levels below National North and South – would be suspended until more stringent national restrictions are lifted on December 2.

It extends City’s hiatus which had started on October 24 due to coronavirus cases in the camp.

But while Goode, who has tested positive for Covid-19 himself, admits it is “a hindrance”, he will be happy to see work on the redevelopment of the club’s new Claines Lane headquarters completed by landlords Worcestershire FA.

“I think the only benefit – if you can call it that with the situation as it is for people – is that the ground should be finished by the time we play again,” said Goode.

“It is a hindrance. People want to watch football and be outside but I understand now more than ever that it is best not to because of the issue I’ve had.

“Financially it should not make too much difference to what is happening at the moment but the sooner we can get back to playing again the better, as long as it is in front of crowds.

“If the government said football could continue but without any fans, that would be a major issue for the club. Hopefully we will be allowed the 300 in again once we start back up, or more if possible.

“We just have to wait to see what happens with this second wave."

Crowds have been limited to a maximum of 300 for clubs at City’s level, well below what the former giants of the non-league game could have got for their homecoming campaign.

“We have missed out on thousands of pounds,” added Goode.

“Each game played at Claines Lane could quite easily have seen 1,000 or more turn up. Rich (Widdowson, volunteer and supporters’ trust director) does the tickets and told me we had turned away 700 sales for some of the earlier games and that’s just the people who wanted to pre-book.

“Say those 700 people paid an average of £5 on the gate, accounting for concessions and children. That’s £3,500 per match.

“With the facility not being finished we have missed out there too. If you imagine 500 people having a pint or a pie, a profit of say £2 per head, there’s another £1,000.

“The club has not been losing money but we have missed out through people not being there.

“We do have expenses to manage but it is nothing too serious and once all the work is finished and things can run the way we want them to, things will change all around the club.

“It will be a nice place for fans and players to be at and enjoy. Playing out of a so-called building site affects everyone, more the players, but I think things will change once it is all finished.”

The City chief concluded by encouraging everyone to support each other during lockdown.

“The main thing is everyone looks after each other’s health, keeps an eye on neighbours, particularly the elderly, and do what they can to help others,” he said.

“Worcester Foodbank is an organisation close to my heart and they will need donations because more people will be struggling again with this outbreak. If you can donate, please do.”