WORCESTER City's #StickingTogether initiative is proving to be a hit success after their initial target of £500 has been reached just two days after the campaign's launch.

The club have set a new target of £1,000 and the online fundraiser will run until the end of this month, when City will hope to donate as much as they can to the local foodbank.

The initiative asks supporters and the Worcester community to show local solidarity by making a donation of £5 or more to the Worcester Foodbank via the online fundraiser.

In return, fans will receive a set of 5 WCFC ‘ultra-stickers’ – hence the name, sticking together.

City director, Luke Cox expresses the club's desire to do what they can to help those most in need.

"We are all well aware that the economic down-turn caused by the pandemic coupled with another lockdown will be putting a lot of families and individuals under considerable strain, so we wanted to do something to help.

"The message is let’s stick together in Worcester, let’s help each other through another period of uncertainty, if anyone who is in the position to do so donates £5 or more to the campaign, we’ll send them a set of 5 WCFC ultra-stickers as a small thank you, hence the initiative’s name, Sticking Together.

"We know how much the supporters care about being a part of Worcester and supporting those in the city who need help through local causes.

"The Foodbank provides a vital service for those that need it, and the Sticking Together initiative gives us all something positive to focus on and put energy into whilst there’s no football on.

"It also creates a sense of togetherness, belonging and local solidarity at a time when we have to stay apart.

"We know football has a particular knack at getting people’s attention and raising interest around societal issues, so we are hoping we can use the platform of the football club to do just that.

"We can’t change the world, but we know we can make a difference in our local community.

"In the first 2 days, over £500 was raised which blew our original target out the water, we’ve now set a new target of £1,000 by the end of the month.

"We have been knocked back by the fans’ generosity, they have done the club proud and we can’t thank them enough, let’s keep it going.’

To take part, simply make a donation of £5 or more here, and email your postal address and name to info@worcestercityfcst.com and the stickers will be posted out to you.

If you would like to receive an ultra stickers set for your donation, please make sure to use your name when donating so we can cross check who has donated.