WORCESTER Warriors duo Callum Black and Nick Schonert discuss post rugby careers and how vital it is for younger players to be offered support in planning for life once their playing days are over.

Black created 'Guilt Trip Coffee' in 2017 when playing for Ulster in Northern Ireland but last week saw the opening of the Worcester branch in Friar Street.

The shop sells speciality coffee and freshly made donuts and Black admits it's vital o have a focus away from rugby.

"I always tell people that it (starting Guilt Trip Coffee) is the best thing I have done," said Black.

"I wish I had done it earlier because the amount you learn from it but also because it’s good to have something to take your focus away from rugby.

"The rugby bubble even more so now, there is so much going on, it’s full on and you can get caught up in it, physically and mentally.

"It gives you something to think about away from rugby and you just learn so much from business on your own than you would in any course or training."

Schonert joined Black as a business partner when Black came to Worcester from Ulster in 2018 and he emphasised the importance of players being proactive in their plans for the future.

"I think it’s different for rugby players," Schonert added.

"Footballers can have a week’s wages and retire on it kind of thing but with rugby, it’s almost this false economy.

"You can be a flash in the pan and then be out the door the next minute.

"Players can burn through cash thinking it will be there forever but I wish I had asked questions at a younger age.

"There is so much knowledge around the club, there are boys that have other interests but I wish boys spoke about it more.

"I wish I asked a few more questions because I think its massive, there should be something in place where younger players are helped to prepare for life after rugby."

To find out more about the shop, follow @Guilttripcoffee on Instagram.