WORCESTER City interim manager Craig Jones insists the Government need to be more cut-throat with their lockdown approach, saying the stop-start nature to the football season is doing no one any favours. 

Clubs of the Midland Football League were informed that if they wish to decline fixtures they could do so up to and including January 8, after extending the initial deadline from December 31.

Jones admits it’s a tricky period but says his team are doing their best to remain focussed.

“It is a distraction,” he said.

“I don’t think anything about the situation is clear, the guidelines aren’t clear and I don’t think the process currently is robust enough and a lot of it seems to be up for interpretation, which it shouldn’t be. 

“It should be clear guidelines, this is what you can and can’t do, but it seems to be ever-changing. 
“So therefore the players are constantly unsure of whether we are playing, are we not playing, are we coming or going, so it isn’t helpful. 

“But the way we are approaching things is that we go ahead until we are told otherwise, so we plan and prepare properly until that point.”

Despite Jones wanting the football to continue, he admits there is the bigger picture to consider but he thinks decisions need to be made and then stuck to.

“I think the league should be making a decision either way,” he added.

“We just want to play football but above that we need to make sure people are safe, that’s paramount. 

“But at the same time you’ve got primary schools open, secondary schools doing phased returns, so I think it goes higher than football. 

“I think the government need to be clearer.

“It shouldn’t be certain things are open and others not, it should be either a full lockdown or we continue. 

“The stop-start is no good for anyone in life, not just football.

City travel to second-bottom Haughmond on Saturday, looking to build on the 2-1 win over Stourport Swifts on Boxing Day.