NEW Worcester City manager Tim Harris has praised his predecessor Ashley Vincent, saying intends to build on what is an already “very talented” squad.

Harris was revealed as Vincent’s replacement on Monday, taking over the reins from captain Craig Jones, who was placed in interim charge back in early December.

He admits it was a shock to him that City had not earned a promotion in 40 years but is keen to turn things around.

“ I couldn’t believe it was 40 years,” he said.

“But focussing on the now when you look at the playing squad and league table, something doesn’t look right.

“I have watched a lot of highlights of games over the last couple of months and they have a very decent squad there and for whatever reason the results haven’t been as good as anticipated.

“Ashley (Vincent) has assembled a very good squad and it’s sad he has left with such a good squad together.

“They have a really big fan base and it’s a local club for myself, so the opportunity was one that worked well for me at this time.”

The 61-year old ex-keeper has enjoyed a 30 year career in management, including hugely successful stints with Gloucester City and Newport County.

Harris took over at Gloucester back in 2006 and kept them from being relegated before he became director of football in the following season, where The Tigers gained promotion to the Football Conference (now National League) at the end of the 2009/10 season.

He then returned between 2013-2017 where he continually kept Gloucester in the National League North whilst the club were in exile, something that Worcester fans know all too well.

““Having spent many years in exile with Gloucester I know first-hand how difficult it is to run a football club at this level,” he added.

“Obviously they (Worcester) took the decision to take voluntary relegation to keep the club alive and I think the guys have done a fantastic job in bringing them back to the city.”

Harris insists it is too early to judge the squad at this point but reiterates his ambition of giving everyone a fair shot.

“Whilst I have been watching the games, it’s difficult and would be wrong for me to make a call on the players at this stage.

“I can assure every player at Worcester City football club that wants to be there and wants to play for the shirt, they will be given the opportunity,” he continued.

“That’s the best way to go about the situation when you walk through the door at a new club.”