ALMOST a year on from the death of former Worcester City legend Harry Knowles, the FA Cup hero that helped knock Liverpool out in 1959, we listen back to what he had to say about the famous day.

Knowles, who is considered one of the greatest City legends of all time, scored 148 goals in 200 club appearances over two stints with City.

And he said it was day that he would never forget.

"I distinctly remember the noise of the crowd going past outside when we met up at the Star Hotel on the Thursday lunchtime," he said.

" It was just a mass of blue and white going down the street, I can’t imagine Worcester had seen anything quite like it before.

"When we got to the ground, I recall looking out of the dressing room and seeing fans coming in over the wall at the Canal End.

"The Police were helping them over! I’m sure there must have been nearer 20,000 there when the game kicked-off."

Knowles recalled how the underdog status was something City could play on in the match and he played a major role in both goals that saw City record a famous 2-1 win.

"I think Liverpool had won their last six games and were second in the Division 2 table at the time," he added.

"Bill Thompson had seen them play three times and he told us they were a big set of lads and fit as well, so there was no point in playing the ball in the air, they’d be able to cope with the high stuff.

"Bill felt that if we could play on the ground and knock the ball around quickly, the Liverpool players would struggle with the pitch and would make mistakes.

"He was absolutely right, as both their goals came from defensive errors."

It might well have been many years ago but Knowles still claims to this day the second goal was of his doing.

"For the first goal, I remember the ball coming across and two or three players all going for it," he explained.

"It got deflected and went through the whole group to Tommy coming in from the left.

"The goalkeeper was caught out of position and Tommy showed a lot of maturity for an eighteen year old to get in there and put the ball into the back of the net.

"You can see me with my arms held high celebrating the goal!

"I’m putting in a strong claim for the second goal!

"If I hadn’t crossed their defender Dick White would never have got in the way of the ball and as it happened he couldn’t get out of the way either!

"Funnily enough I played against him again six or seven weeks later, after I’d been transferred to Cardiff City. Needless to say I didn’t get much change out of him that day!

We all got carried off the pitch by the fans and I think I arrived in the dressing room upside-down!

"We celebrated afterwards at a place called Dudfields.

"I was never a drinker, but the barman gave me a Bristol Cream sherry and said that as long as I carried on scoring goals, there would be a bottle waiting there for me.

"One drink and I was back on my way home to Wolverhampton."