IT seems increasingly likely that the 2020/21 non-league football season will now conclude naturally.

With the national lockdown in place, non-elite sport across the country is on hold until further notice, meaning Worcestershire clubs involved are unable to continue their seasons.

With this lockdown scheduled to be in place until the end of February at the very earliest, the idea that clubs between steps three and six being able to squeeze about 75% of their fixtures into the remaining months is inconceivable at this point.

And even if the lockdown does end at the earliest possible stage, the FA ruled at the weekend that league fixtures at steps three and six can only go ahead if all clubs can admit paying spectators to 30% grading requirement (phase 2) and are able to access secondary income streams such as bar income.

Having said all of that, it gives little to no hope that there will be any football before next season.

So how will they settle promotion and relegation? Or will they null and void the season?

Clubs between three and six have been asked by the FA via a survey how they each wish the season to be concluded, with suggestions willing to be heard.

There is growing support behind the null and void debate with clubs in The Southern League (steps 3&4) voting for it and a number of leagues also in favour of cancelling promotion and relegation in favour of starting fresh in the summer.

But for some clubs the idea of scrapping the season completely can undo club's hard work to get into a strong position for promotion, for example, and missing out on promotion would be a hammer blow.

Calculating points per game and basing promotion and relegation on that basis is one suggestion being put forward and would at least enable a conclusion to this current campaign.