WORCESTER Raiders have informed the Football Association they wish to complete the current season when it is safe to do so and are against the idea of declaring the season null and void.

All clubs between steps three and six of the non-league football ladder were sent a survey from the FA, which asked each club to express their feelings on how they wished the 2020/21 campaign to be concluded, as it looks unlikely that football will continue at that level before the cut off date of May 31st due to the impact of COVID-19.

Club chairman Steve Harris confirmed Raiders' stance, saying they want to continue where they left off, even if that means starting as late as August and essentially wiping out the 2021/22 campaign.

"Our view is that we want to suspend the season and pick it up again in August and play out the remaining fixtures then," he said.

"I cannot see anyway how it can be concluded by May.

"I think if we have a third season from scratch and again a potential risk of match’s being cancelled and COVID restrictions, I think it would have an impact on players well being.

"There’s no guarantees that this virus will be over in 12 months time so we would rather complete this season when we can.

"It’s going to be a tough time for a lot of football teams I feel."

As it stands, when the third national lockdown was implemented, Raiders sat second in the West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division and had won six of their seven league games.

But there remains around 75% of fixtures left to play and with the lockdown set to be in place until at least the end of February, non-league football remains in the distance.