WORCESTER City’s Joshua Willis and fellow football companion James Pomeroy are set to embark on a gruelling 150 miles each through the month of February to raise awareness for men’s mental health.

The campaign ‘#MensMentalhealthMatters’ is one pushed by the charity ‘Movember’ and aims to raise awareness for men’s mental health throughout the year, not just through the annual event held each November.

This is a cause that both James, who plays for Stratford Town in the Southern Premier League Division Central, and Josh feel is still not promoted enough, especially in their sport of football.

“It’s something that men suffer with, without even realising,” said Josh.

“In football it’s not promoted enough and I feel the football pitch is the release for most men.

“That 90 minutes, you’re problems go away and this is all about promoting the charity.”

Since the age of five we’ve both been playing football like 4/5 times a week,” added James.

“That was something to do every single evening and now when you wake up and there’s nothing to wake up for, it is hard to stay focussed and you definitely struggle with that.”

Whilst football at their level is on hold, the time off offered the perfect time for James and Josh to do something and they came up with the idea of this mammoth challenge.

Through February they will complete 150 miles each, which averages out at just under six miles a day and they have set-up an Instagram page (@mensmindsuk) for people to follow their progress and to raise awareness for such an important cause.

“We set-up the Instagram page and the idea is that we create a community base for men’s mental health,” said James.

“We can post tips and challenges for people and we already have a big following.

“We feel we are two genuine lads that people can relate to and if we can talk about it then anyone can.

“This 150 miles in 28 days is a challenge that is going to push us.”

Josh said: “This is a challenge that is going to require mental strength to do it, just as much as the physical side.

“It’ll be the mental drive that gets us to the end because after two weeks we are likely to be exhausted so it’ll require more than just a physical push, it’ll test us mentally.

“It will also benefit our fitness of course and when football does start up again we will be fit as we’ve ever been so that’s another bonus of this challenge.”

If you wish to donate, head over to their Instagram page and follow the link.